Oct 17, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 

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ANS 6767: Advanced Endocrinology

Credits: 4                    Grading Scheme: Letter

Prerequisite: BCH4024 or

BCH 5045: Graduate Survey of Biochemistry

Credits: 4                    Grading Scheme: Letter

Prerequisite: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology.      

Introduction to plant, animal, and microbial biochemistry for graduate students who have not had biochemistry. Integration and regulation of biochemical processes stressed; limited discussion of some biochemical techniques. ;

ANS 6704: Mammalian Endocrinology

Credits: 2                    Grading Scheme: Letter

Prerequisite: BCH 4024 or BCH 3025, or equivalent.      

Physiologic systems of farm animals. Emphasizes the impact of endocrinology and cell biology on animal physiology, development and performance.  , ANS6XXX Animal Physiology or Instructor consent.      

Overview of mammalian endocrine systems and molecular basis of hormone action; Current topics on endocrine control of growth, development, reproduction and nutrition.

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