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    University of Florida
  Feb 17, 2018

Comparative Law Department

Director and Graduate Coordinator: Lyrissa Lidsky

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The LL.M. in Comparative Law degree is designed for graduates of foreign law schools who want to enhance their understanding of the American legal system and the English common law system from which it evolved. Requirements for this degree are given in the Graduate Degrees   section of this catalog.

The program begins with Introduction to the Legal System of the United States for LLM in Comparative Law Part I, a 2-credit summer course that gives students a foundation in the American legal process. It also helps students acclimate to the College of Law and the University community before to the start of the academic year. During the fall and spring terms, and with the director’s approval, students choose their remaining 24 credits from more than 100 Juris Doctor and LL.M. in Taxation courses and seminars.

For admission information please see our website: or write to the Comparative Law Office P.O. Box 117643, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-7643 USA.