Mar 17, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department

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Chair: James B. Flanegan
Graduate Coordinator: Andrew Berglund

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department faculty mentor M.S. and Ph.D. students in the College of Medicine interdisciplinary program (IDP) in medical sciences. Students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree can view specific features of the biochemistry and molecular biology concentration at and For admission information, visit the IDP website. Department faculty also mentor Ph.D. students in other college programs and participate actively in the research and teaching functions of various centers such as the Center for Epigenetics and the Center for Structural Biology.

Combined Bachelor’s/master’s program: the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in collaboration with the Biology Department offer a combined Bachelor of Science in Biology with a graduate major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. This program is available to students in the Pre-Professional, Applied Biology, Biotechnology, and Natural Science tracks, but not the Integrative Biology track. Eligible students may substitute up to 12 semester hours of graduate courses for undergraduate electives. These letter-graded, graduate level courses earned with a grade of B or better are double-counted toward the 30 credits required for the Master of Science (with thesis) in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

The combined degree program allows students to complete the M.S. degree with a research thesis in as little as one year after receiving the B.S. degree. The program is intended for students who want to complete a mentored research project while taking additional graduate coursework to gain more experience and be more competitive for applications to Ph.D. programs or professional programs (for example, Medical, Dental, or Veterinary school).

Eligibility Requirements for the admission to the undergraduate portion of the combined degree program:

1.    Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and minimum upper division GPA of 3.3

2.    Completion of all critical-tracking requirements in the Biology B.S.

3.    Completion of at least three semester hours of mentored research (e.g., through BSC 4910 and BSC 4912) or equivalent research experience

4.   Successful completion of BCH 4024 (or equivalent)

Eligibility Requirements for the graduate portion of the combined degree program:

1.    Satisfactory completion of the undergraduate portion of the combined degree program

2.    Meet the requirements for admission, including minimum GRE score, as established by the Graduate School and the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology graduate program in the College of Medicine.

3.    A member of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology graduate faculty has agreed to serve as the student’s advisor.

Interested students must apply to the combined degree program by the end of the junior year. Upon acceptance, the Biology Major Undergraduate Coordinator and the Coordinator from Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Program will identify up to 12 credits of 5000+ level courses that the student may take in the senior year. The GRE should be taken by the summer before the senior year. In the fall of the senior year, the student will apply to the M.S. Program. Upon acceptance to the M.S. program, the eligible combined degree graduate coursework will be transferred to count toward the M.S. degree during the first semester following award of the B.S. degree.

Students should note the following regarding tuition and fees in this program: 1) the tuition for graduate courses is higher than for undergraduate courses, regardless of whether the courses are taken as an undergraduate or graduate student, and 2) there is no guarantee of a stipend or tuition waiver for graduate students in the MS program.


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