May 25, 2019  
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Landscape Architecture Department

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College of Design, Construction, and Planning  

Chair: Tina Gurucharri
Graduate Coordinator:  Dan Manley

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The mission of the Department of Landscape Architecture is to conduct research to enhance the understanding and practice of the profession of landscape architecture, and address societal challenges; train practitioners and scholars who are committed to advancing the efficacy, impact and knowledge of the discipline of landscape architecture; and provide service to the diverse communities of our state, region and abroad.  The Master of Landscape Architecture seeks excellence through professional practice and service, and through research and scholarly pursuit.

The department offers a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program with the Bachelor of Sustainability and the Built Environment.  The department also offers a combined bachelor/master degree program for current UF landscape architecture undergraduate students who intend to complete a graduate landscape architecture degree at UF. Please contact a College of Design, Construction and Planning Advisor and/or Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Landscape Architecture to learn more and for information about application procedures for both combined degree programs.

Interstate field trips are required as a part of the normal program curriculum. Students should plan to have adequate funds for field trips, studio materials, and use of the Infinity Fab Lab. Students are also required to own a laptop computer meeting minimum department requirements. These specifications are available through the Department of Landscape Architecture’s website at URL:

The graduate program in landscape architecture offers flexibility in meeting the needs of applicants with varied backgrounds. Students entering the graduate program in landscape architecture follow one of the four following tracks:

First Professional MLA Program

Graduate students who do not possess an LAAB accredited professional degree in landscape architecture are invited to enroll in the First Professional MLA program.

The First Professional MLA Program aids the development of basic analytical, design and graphic skills. Upon successful completion of the First Professional Summer term, students advance into a two-semester sequence of articulation courses that provide a foundation of applied landscape design and planning theory as well as competencies in landscape construction.

MLA Advanced Graduate Studies Program

Graduate students having completed the summer and first year of the First Professional program or entering the MLA program with an LAAB accredited professional baccalaureate degree in landscape architecture commence a two-year program of advanced graduate coursework towards the completion of the MLA degree.

Graduate students with a non-accredited or non-LAAB accredited degree in landscape architecture may be required to take additional coursework beyond the two-year program of advanced graduate coursework to develop core competencies required for advanced graduate study.

MLA Research Degree

Graduate students with an LAAB accredited professional degree in landscape architecture and a significant history of achievement in professional practice may tailor a program of advanced study to meet their specific needs.

The normal tenure of advanced graduate study is five semesters which includes a summer semester internship. Students complete a minimum of 52 credit hours composed of lecture courses, seminars, design and construction studios, internship and individual study (special studies, supervised research and thesis or terminal project).

This time period would be extended should a student elect to expand the course work or seek a concurrent degree in a related field.

Design studios: Graduate design studios build on required lecture and seminar courses. A core of three advanced design studios are topically-oriented focusing on issues of human, ecological and regional concern.  Each studio requires students to engage a method appropriate to the studio’s selected projects, to analyze the findings generated by this research and to use the findings to build a rational argument that leads to a defensible design position. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations are encouraged on both a formal and an informal basis. Graduate studio projects also deal with current issues related to the mission of the Department with an additional focus on research and community service.

Thesis or terminal project: The Department recognizes that students have different professional goals and personal strengths and interests. A thesis is appropriate for students interested in further research or teaching, or in pursuing advanced degrees. A project (with a significant research component) is appropriate for students interested in design or project-oriented aspects of landscape architecture, or if their specific areas of interest suggest a nontraditional approach.

Programs, centers, and institutes: The College of Design, Construction, and Planning has several research centers and institutes. Please see the College’s webpage for more information (

Graduate advisement: Students are initially advised by the Graduate Coordinator. He or she has guided the student’s application through the acceptance process and is familiar with the student’s background and needs. A plan of study is developed that includes required and optional courses. By the end of the second semester of the MLA1 year, each student is required to form a supervisory committee composed of two faculty members. The primary purpose of the graduate committee is to advise the student on educational objectives and the thesis or terminal project course work.

Application Procedure

Details of application procedure are found on the Department of Landscape Architecture’s website. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the details of the application procedures and the application requirements. Applications will ONLY be considered for the track for which they have been submitted. Make certain you are applying to the correct track based on your background and credentials and the criteria detailed above.

Application Dates

Applications are to be completed and submitted prior to the deadline noted on the Department’s website. Unless otherwise noted, applications must be received no later than February 1st. Early applications are encouraged.

Application materials to be submitted online and/or to the Office of the Registrar.

Application materials include the online application form accompanied by official transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, GRE scores, and TOEFL scores (applicants with English as a second language) to Office of the Registrar: Admissions Section, Criser Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611.

In addition, applicants must also submit a letter of intention to the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Application Portfolio

All applicants are encouraged to submit a portfolio of creative works.

Applicants with a baccalaureate landscape architecture degree or other design affiliated degree are required to submit a portfolio that both exhibits creative work experience and shows evidence of acquired technical proficiencies in, or related to, the practice of landscape architecture.

All portfolio must be digital. PDF is preferred.

Application Status

Applications will be processed once all material has been received and must be complete prior to the application deadline. Applicants will be contacted by the program’s Academic Assistant if their application is incomplete. Please respond quickly if you have been contacted to increase the chances of your application being considered in the current review period. Only completed applications will be processed for review.

Once the application has been processed for review, applicants will receive written notification of their application status, generally sometime in the middle of March. Please do not contact the department with inquiries of your application status prior to the end of March.

Preparatory courses (see Undergraduate Catalog): LAA 2330, LAA 2360c, LAA 2532,  LAA 2710,  LAA 3350c, LAA 3352c, LAA 3420, LAA 3421, LAA 4362c, and HOS 5117C .


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