Jul 15, 2019  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Horticultural Sciences Department

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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences 

Chairs : K.M. Folta (Interim Chair for Horticultural Sciences) and W. Mackay (Environmental Horticulture)
Graduate Coordinator: G. A. Moore (Horticultural Sciences) and L. Trenholm (Environmental Horticulture)

Complete faculty listing: Follow this link.

The Horticultural Sciences Department Graduate Program at the University of Florida has a wide array of opportunities for graduate study.

The Horticultural Sciences (HOS) graduate program is administered jointly by the Environmental Horticulture (HSE) and Horticultural Sciences (HS) departments and offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (thesis or nonthesis options) and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Members of the program’s Graduate Faculty include department resident faculty and faculty at University of Florida Research and Education Centers located throughout Florida. 

The Horticultural Sciences Department offers a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program. Please contact the graduate coordinator for information.

For admission to the HOS graduate program, apply to either the HS or HSE departments, depending on your career/research interest. Details about the program and how to apply are listed on their website: http://hos.ufl.edu.



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