Jul 15, 2019  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Pharmaceutics Department

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Chair: H. C. Derendorf.
Graduate Coordinator: A. Palmieri III.

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The Department of Pharmaceutics offers the Doctor of Philosophy in pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmaceutics is the scientific endeavor concerned with the design, formulation, evaluation, and use of drug delivery systems. A foundation in physical chemistry, chemistry, mathematics, and in the life sciences, is necessary. Its domain extends from studies of the physiochemical properties of drugs and related molecules to investigations of the mechanisms of physiological processes affecting drug delivery and therapeutic effectiveness. The Department’s general focus involves studying the design and evaluation of traditional and novel dosage forms for delivering drug molecules and macromolecules. The design involves physical chemical studies and development of analytical techniques involving spectroscopy and chromatography. Evaluation includes development of sensitive analytical techniques for the drug in biological fluids and subsequent biopharmaceutical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies.


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