Sep 17, 2019  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management Department

Chair: M. Sagas.
Graduate Coordinator: S. Holland.

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The degree Master of Science is offered by the Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management with programs in sport management and in recreation, parks, and tourism. Both programs offer thesis and non-thesis formats. The Department participates in the Ph.D. program in Health and Human Performance. Minimum requirements for these degrees are given in the General Information section of this catalog.

The Master’s program provides advanced preparation of tourism, recreation, and parks and sport management professionals for positions of leadership in planning, developing, administering, and marketing of programs in a variety of employment settings; public and private. Concentrations of study may be developed in a number of areas, such as:

  • Natural resource recreation management
  • Tourism and commercial recreation
  • Campus recreation
  • Recreation administration and supervision
  • Sport management

The Doctoral program is offered through the College of Health and Human Performance with concentrations in tourism; natural resource recreation and sport management. These interdisciplinary specializations blend course work and research. The curriculum is individualized, and applicants with degrees from unrelated fields can be accepted into the program. However, their previous work will be evaluated and their programs planned according to their individual needs, interests, and career objectives.

Combined program: The Department offers a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program. This program allows qualified students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree with a savings of one semester.

MS/MSM Concurrent Degree Program: This joint degree program is offered through the College of Business Administration (Master of Science in Business Management [MSM]) and the College of Health and Human Performance’s, Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management (Master of Science in Sport Management [MS]). The MS/MSM is a non-thesis degree. The MS/MSM is designed for students who seek a graduate business degree and who lack the work experience necessary for admission to the MBA program. The MS/MSM curriculum is similar to the first year of the MBA program, giving students a good foundation in business principles.

M.S./J.D. joint program: This 98-credit-hour joint degree program culminates in the Master of Science and the Juris Doctor degrees. Applicants must meet the entrance requirements for the Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management and the College of Law. Admission to the second degree program is required no later than the end of the fourth consecutive semester after beginning one of the degree programs. The student’s supervisory committee comprises faculty members from both the Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management and the College of Law.