Sep 22, 2019  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Physics Department

Chair: J. M. Yelton.
Graduate Coordinator: D. Maslov.

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The Department of Physics offers the Master of Science (thesis or nonthesis) and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The nonthesis Master of Science in Teaching is also offered. Requirements for these degrees are described in the General Information section of this catalog. Areas of specialization for graduate research include astrophysics and cosmology, atomic and molecular physics, biological physics, chemical physics, condensed matter physics (theory and experiment), nuclear physics, particle physics (theory and experiment), statistical physics, and low temperature physics. Special interdisciplinary research programs include the Institute for Fundamental Theory (carried out jointly with the Department of Mathematics), the Institute for Theoretical and Computational Studies in Molecular and Materials Science (carried out jointly with the Department of Chemistry), the Institute of High Energy and Particle Astrophysics, and Microfabritech (jointly with the College of Engineering). A curriculum is offered by the Center for Chemical Physics for students interested in research related to chemistry or chemical engineering. The Center for Condensed Matter Sciences provides opportunities for investigations in a diverse range of subjects and fields, including the Microkelvin Research Laboratory. The University of Florida operates the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory jointly with Florida State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The core curriculum is designed to provide a thorough foundation for all physics graduate students. It consists of PHY 6246 , PHY 6346 , PHY 6347 , PHY 6536 , PHY 6645 , and PHY 6646 . Doctoral students must achieve a 3.30 GPA in the core curriculum. All students must pass a preliminary examination at the undergraduate level. All degree candidates are required, as part of their graduate education, to participate continuously in the research and/or teaching programs of the Department.