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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Political Science - International Relations

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Political Science Department 

Political Science–International Relations Program Information

The Department of Political Science currently offers two graduate degrees: Master of Arts (thesis or nonthesis option) and Doctor of Philosophy. The political science–international relations program currently offers the Master of Arts (thesis or nonthesis option). Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees Section  of this catalog.  For further information, please contact the Political Science Department directly or visit their departmental catalog page.  

Admission to graduate study in the Department of Political Science normally requires the completion of an undergraduate major in political science or its equivalent. Students without this preparation may be required to make up deficiencies early in their graduate work. The core sequence begins in the fall term, providing basic knowledge that students need in later semesters. In evaluating candidates for admission, the Department considers

  • Prior academic achievement
  • GRE scores
  • Letters of recommendation from three faculty members or others familiar with the academic potential or work habits of the applicant
  • A statement of purpose that conveys intellectual ambitions, indicates how the program of study satisfies the student’s interests and goals, and tells how the student would contribute to the program.ning.

Political science–international relations: The M.A. degree in political science– international relations is designed to provide professional education to those whose primary interest is a career in foreign relations. In this program, students must complete course work in the core of international relations theory and in two or more of the four major subfields of international relations, international political economy, international security, foreign policy, and international organization. The M.A. is a 36-hour degree, requiring successful completion of a 6-credit political science core sequence, 15 credits of departmental or extra-department electives, and a 15- credit international relations major. Students may pursue either a thesis option or take a comprehensive examination at the end of the program. 

Law/Public Affairs joint degree program: This program culminates in the Master of Arts in political science and Juris Doctor degrees. A joint degree program culminating in the Master of Arts in political science international relations and Juris Doctor degrees is also available. The joint program enables students to earn both the J.D. and the M.A. in less time than would be required to earn both degrees consecutively. Full-time students who make satisfactory progress can usually earn both degrees in 4 years. Candidates for the joint degree program must meet the entrance requirements for, and be admitted to, both the College of Law and the Department of Political Science. These requirements include both the LSAT and the GRE. Students are encouraged to announce their intent of seeking a joint degree as soon as possible. The Department of Political Science will allow 12 hours of appropriate law school courses to be credited toward the M.A. degree. The 12 credits selected from the law curriculum must be approved by the Political Science graduate coordinator on the recommendation of the student’s supervisory committee. The College of Law will permit 12 hours of credit earned in political science graduate courses to be credited toward the J.D. degree. Students in the joint degree program are permitted, but not required, to pursue a companion certificate program in public affairs, or political campaigning.


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