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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy Program Information

The UF Department of Occupational Therapy offers a Masters in Occupational Therapy (MOT). This program prepares students to meet the demands of a highly technological and fast paced American health care system.

The Masters in Occupational Therapy Degree Program is designed for students who do not have a entry-level professional level OT degree. To prepare to enter the Masters in Occupational Therapy program, undergraduate students may complete the University of Florida Health Science (BHS) degree program and the pre-OT track.

Applicants that have earned an undergraduate degree in a program other than UF’s Health Science program can enter the MOT program through our Conditional Graduate program.

By completing the Liberal Arts prerequisites for the program, students study the biological, psychological and social systems that impact on the performance of occupational roles. The MOT program provides a strong background in theory, assessment and therapeutic interventions and assists student to develop a strong professional identity.

Students selected from the Health Science/pre-OT track undergraduate program can apply the 6 pre-OT track course toward the MOT requirements for the MOT program. Students who have graduated from the other colleges or universities can be admitted to the MOT program and complete the 6 pre-OT track courses as part of their graduate program prior to initiating coursework in the Masters in Occupational Therapy Degree Program. The six Health Science prerequisite courses are offered the Fall and Spring semesters preceding the Summer start of the MOT coursework.

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