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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)

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Medicinal Chemistry Department 

Medicinal Chemistry Program Information

The College of Pharmacy offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry. Medicinal chemistry is a unique blend of the physical and biological sciences. The scope of the field is sufficiently broad to give students with many different science backgrounds a rewarding and challenging program of study. Areas of active research include organic synthesis of medicinal agents, metal chelate design, prodrugs and topical drug delivery, drug metabolism, molecular toxicology, molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry, neurochemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular modeling, natural products, and drug discovery.

The College also offers the Master of Science in Pharmacy degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (nonthesis option) with concentrations in both forensic drug chemistry and forensic serology and DNA in a distance learning format. Minimum requirements for the M.S.P. and Ph.D. degrees are described in the Graduate Degrees  section of this catalog.

The applicant should have an undergraduate degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, or premedical sciences. A background in calculus and physical and organic chemistry is required. In addition to graduate medicinal chemistry courses in the College of Pharmacy, graduate courses in chemistry and biochemistry are required for the program.

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Degrees Offered With a Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy

concentration in Medicinal Chemistry

 optional second concentration in Clinical and Translational Science

concentration in Toxicology

Master of Science in Pharmacy

concentration in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

concentration in Medicinal Chemistry

concentration in Forensic Serology and DNA

concentration in Forensic Science

concentration in Forensic Drug Chemistry

concentration in Clinical Toxicology

Medicinal Chemistry Courses

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Courses

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