Dec 17, 2018  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 

Arts in Medicine

Arts in Medicine Program Information

Center for Arts in Medicine Director: Jill Sonke
Center for Arts in Medicine Graduate Advisor: Dylan Klempner

The Center for Arts in Medicine is committed to advancing research, education, and practice in the arts in healthcare, locally and globally. The Center offers an online Master of Arts in Arts in Medicine. Minimum requirements for the degree are available in the Graduate Degrees  section of this catalog.

Prerequisites and Requirements: Admission to the MA in Arts in Medicine program program requires a bachelor’s degree in an arts, health, or related field of study, a GRE exam score or previous graduate degree, and completion of the Introduction to the Arts in Healthcare course at UF, or completion of an Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive, or a minimum of one year of professional experience as an artist or administrator in the field of Arts in Medicine. Requirements of the degree include completion of 35 credits of coursework with a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Commitment of time: The MA in Arts in Medicine is designed to be completed in two years when students are enrolled in one class at a time (with one 8-week semester with two courses). Students should expect to dedicate 16 hours per week to each 8-week 3-credit hour course.

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Degrees Offered with a Major in Arts in Medicine

Master of Arts