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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 


Advertising Program Information

The Master of Advertising (M.Adv.) program is designed to develop leaders in the profession by providing students with

  1. the theoretical, research and decision-making skills essential for strategic advertising and integrated communications planning, as well as
  2. the opportunity to develop expertise in a specialized area such as account management, research, creative strategy, media planning, new technology and advertising sales management.

Students without basic course background or substantial professional experience in marketing or advertising are required to complete articulation courses before entering the program. These prerequisite courses include Introduction to Advertising and Introduction to Marketing.

A minimum of 33 graduate level credit hours, including a thesis, is required. In some areas of specialization, with permission from the departmental graduate faculty, a terminal project may be elected in lieu of a thesis.

Students select a supervisory committee to guide their course selection as well as thesis topic or project in lieu of thesis and completion of the thesis or project. Students will complete and orally defend their theses or projects. The student’s supervisory committee is responsible for the evaluation of the document and the final defense.

The deadline for Fall applications is January 30 for international applicants and April 1 for domestic students. Applications may be considered after the April 1 deadline, if space is available. The Master of Advertising program does not accept any applications for Spring.

For admissions information and application materials, contact Sarah G. Lee.

For information about the advertising curriculum and program requirements, contact Dr. Robyn Goodman.

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