Dec 10, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 

Business Administration (Management)

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Management Department 

Business Administration (Management) Program Information

The Ph.D. program in business administration in the Department of Management prepares students for careers as faculty members of universities that emphasize research and teaching. The program is designed so that the student will (1) develop strong competence in the base discipline crucial to the study of organizations and organization processes and (2) follow a field of specialization in organizational behavior or strategy. Admission requirements for the Ph.D. include (a) a minimum grade point average of 3.0, (b) a minimum GMAT score of 600, and (c) for nonnative speakers of English, a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL. Although these are the minimum requirements, most students accepted into the Ph.D. in management have a GPA above 3.5 and a GMAT score above 650.

The research interests of the faculty are quite broad and details of current research interests can be found on the management departments’ faculty page.  Students will also have exposure to scholars and faculty members from other universities, and from other departments in the University, who are invited to give workshops in the Department.

Breadth Requirement: It is preferred, but not required that students pursuing the Ph.D. be well versed in the structure and functioning of business organizations and the environment within which they operate. This expectation may be met through undergraduate or master’s level work in business administration, but a background in business administration is not required for the Ph.D.

Research Skills Requirement: The general nature of the research requirement has been specified by the Graduate Committee of the Warrington College of Business. Students must take at least six methods and statistical courses, some which are offered in the department and college, and some which are taken through other colleges.  The specific program is determined by the Ph.D. Coordinator in conjunction with the student’s advisor and  will be tailored to fit the student’s prior preparation and the specialization that the student chooses.

Major Course Requirements: The program of study for each student will include required management seminars covering topics in both Organizational Behavior and Strategy.

Program Milestones: To maintain acceptable progress in the Ph.D. program, each student is required to present a first year research project in the second year and a second year research project in the third year.  Procedures for these qualifying papers, dissertation, and final examination are given in the Requirements for the PhD. section of this catalog.

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