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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 

Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering Program Information

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers the degrees of Master of Science (thesis or non-thesis), Master of Engineering (thesis or non thesis), and Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering. Official minimum requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees  section of this catalog.

Master of Science & Master of Engineering

Any master’s degree candidate may elect to pursue the Master of Science degree (M.S.), however only those holding ABET-accredited baccalaureate degrees in engineering may choose the Master of Engineering degree (M.E.). All other degree requirements remain the same.

A total of 30 credit hours is required for the Master’s degree. The Master’s degree, with thesis option, includes a minimum of 24 graded credit hours of coursework (excluding S/U courses) and up to 6 credits of thesis research. For students pursuing the non-thesis degree option, a total of 30 graded credit hours (excluding S/U courses) is required. For both the thesis and non-thesis degree, up to 6 credits of out of department coursework at the 3000 or 4000 level (excluding EGN courses and S/U courses) may be completed to satisfy degree requirements, as long as the coursework completed is included in an approved Plan of Study.

A comprehensive final examination is required by the Graduate School for the M.E. or M.S. non-thesis degree option. Passing the written qualifying Ph.D. exam may substitute for the M.S. non-thesis examination for those continuing towards for Ph.D.  NOTE:The exam must be completed in either the semester of graduation or the proceeding semester in which the degree is to be conferred.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is a research intensive degree requiring independent mastery of a field of knowledge. As such, considerable flexibility is allowed by the Graduate School and by MAE in the tailoring of individual programs.

All Ph.D. students must take a minimum of 39 graded credit hours (excludes S/U graded courses) beyond the B.S. degree. Students are expected to complete a Plan of Study by the second term of enrollment, which should include a tentative title for the student’s dissertation.As the student progresses toward the degree, any significant deviations in their program from the approved Plan of Study should be discussed and approved by the student’s advisor, and recorded in the submission of a revised Plan of Study.

Guidelines for Plan of Study

During the first year of graduate study, each student should complete a minimum of three didactic courses in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Generally, core courses are selected, as well as an appropriate mix of elective courses for the chosen specialization. (Ph.D. Students should include coursework to prepare for the qualifying exam.)  Except for a minority of students doing interdisciplinary specializations whose Plans of Study will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee, a student will follow the requirements of one of the three MAE graduate study groups:

  • Dynamics, Systems, and Control (DSC)
  • Solid Mechanics, Design, and Manufacturing (SMDM)
  • Thermal Science and Fluid Dynamics (TSFD)

The Plan of Study (and qualifying exam if a Ph.D. student) will be based upon the chosen group.  Please see the MAE graduate policy handbook (http://www.mae.ufl.edu/current/graduate/mae-graduate-policies) for complete details.

Additional information about the department can be found at http://www.mae.ufl.edu

Degrees Offered with a Major in Mechanical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Engineering

Master of Science

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Departmental Courses

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