Dec 15, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 

Program Evaluation in Educational Environments

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Program Evaluation in Educational Environments Program Information

The goal of the Program Evaluation in Educational Environments is to prepare exemplary educational evaluators, who are able to apply state-of-the-art evaluation theory and tools to develop, improve, and assess programs, organizations, and policies.  The coursework and learning experiences offered by this major are designed to train and empower evaluators to provide evaluation support for organizations and institutions, as they seek solutions to critical problems at local, national, and global levels.   Because evaluation activity crosses disciplines, the evaluator is able to provide a unique and informed perspective to guide social change and innovations.  The actions and recommendations of a program evaluator often trigger and foster positive reform in policies and programs in government, schools, business, health, and social agencies both locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Learn to evaluate educational and other social science programs, interpret educational data, develop evaluation assessment instruments, and use research methodologies and evaluation theory to plan, conduct, and complete a program evaluation.    
  • Find jobs in federal and state agencies, institutions of higher education, school districts, and for-profit and non-profit organizations. A number of program evaluators also choose to work as private consultants for school districts, government agencies, and private organizations.
  • Complete a master’s degree (M.A.E.) in two years with classes focusing on program evaluation theory and tools, research methodology, and statistics and psychometrics as applied to educational program evaluation.
  • Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, including psychology; education; sociology; political science; anthropology; agricultural, family, youth, and community sciences; and health education and performance.

Degrees Offered with a Major in Program Evaluation in Educational Environments

Master of Arts in Education

Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education Departmental Courses

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