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    University of Florida
  Jul 22, 2017
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Digital Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts degree in digital arts and sciences: The Master of Arts degree in digital arts and sciences (DAS) is a 2-year, interdisciplinary program. Students seeking admission are expected to have an undergraduate background including:

  • A degree in one of the fine arts or liberal arts
  • A body of work that demonstrates accomplishment in the intended area
  • A body of work that can clearly be enhanced with skills to be acquired in the DAS program.

Deficiencies may be corrected before beginning graduate study. Admission into the program requires submitting a portfolio with digital representations of work done by the artist. The medium for this portfolio is digital, either on a CD or as a web page, preferably both.


Digital Worlds Institute 

Degrees Offered with a Major in Digital Arts and Sciences

Master of Arts

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