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  Feb 25, 2018

Information Systems and Operations Management

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Information Systems and Operations Management

The Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) Department offers graduate courses leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree, with a major in information systems and operations management; the Ph.D. degree in business administration; and concentrations in the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program.

Master of Science: The M.S. program provides computing, analytical, and application skills to be used in a business setting. The primary areas of emphasis in the M.S. program are information systems/information technology and supply chain management. Requirements span traditional academic disciplines to produce a multiple-discipline focus. Typical positions for graduates include decision support specialist, information systems specialist, systems analyst, and logistic support specialist.

For a student with a bachelor’s degree in business or economics, the M.S. non-thesis on-campus program consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours, normally requiring a minimum of three semesters of study, not including summer. Students without the prerequisite course work may need another semester.

All M.S. candidates must complete 26 credits of core coursework:

–GEB 5212: Professional Writing
–GEB 5215: Professional Communication
–ISM 6128: Advanced Business Systems Design and Development I
–ISM 6129: Advanced Business Systems Design and Development II
–ISM 6215: Business Database Systems I
–ISM 6222: Business Telecom Strategy and Applications I
–ISM 6223: Business Telecom Strategy and Applications II
–ISM 6257: Intermediate Business Programming
–ISM 6258: Advanced Business Programming
–ISM 6485: Electronic Commerce and Logistics (capstone course)
–MAN 6581: Project Management
–QMB 6358: Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions I
–QMB 6755: Managerial Quantitative Analysis I
–QMB 6756: Managerial Quantitative Analysis II.

All M.S. candidates must also complete 6 credits of track coursework for either the information technology or supply chain management track:

Information Technology Track
–ISM 6216: Business Database Systems II
–ISM 6236: Business Objects I
–ISM 6259: Business Programming

Supply Chain Management Track
–MAN 6511: Production Management Problems
–MAN 6528: Principles of Logistics/Transportation
–MAN 6573: Purchasing and Materials Management

These required courses total 32 credit hours. In addition, each M.S. student must take a minimum of 4 additional hours of approved graduate business electives for a total of 36 credit hours required for the M.S. degree.
Bachelor/Master of Science: The Department also offers a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program. This program allows qualified students to earn both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, using 12 to 16 credit hours of graduate-level courses for both degrees.

Professional Master of Science degree Information Systems and Operations Management with a concentration in Supply Chain Management: This program concentration uses the latest technology to provide professionals with unique skills for integrating information technology into the study of supply chain management. This 20-month online program starts in September and allows students with Internet access “to attend classes” and interact with faculty and classmates via such technology as e-mail, DVD, streaming video, synchronous group discussion software, asynchronous class presentation software, and multimedia courseware. Students visit campus 1 weekend (Saturday-Sunday) every 4 months.


Degrees Offered With a Major in Information Systems and Operations Management

Master of Science

without a concentration

concentration in Supply Chain Management

Information Systems and Operations Management Departmental Courses

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