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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy)

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Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Program Information

The Department offers the Master of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy. Requirements for the M.S.P. degree are the same as for the Master of Science degree.

Research in the Department emphasizes the epidemiological, socio-behavioral, administrative, regulatory, and economic aspects of drug therapy and pharmaceutical services, including assessment of safety, effectiveness,  efficiency and quality aspects of patient-oriented pharmaceutical services and medication use.

The department offers both a research-oriented residential M.S.P. and Ph.D. degree programs as well as an online M.S.P. program. For the research oriented degree programs, graduate studies include core curricula and four specializations in patient safety and program evaluation, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology and social-behavioral research in medication use. Electives and required courses draw from the resources of the entire University. Graduates are prepared for leadership positions in academia, public service, pharmaceutical industry, and health service industry with a focus on the evaluation of drugs and related services.

The online non-thesis M.S.P. program is designed for working professionals, and focuses on pharmaceutical regulation and outcomes. Prior pharmacy experience/knowledge is not required and the program is available to persons located in the United States only. Coursework is delivered in both asynchronous and live, synchronous sessions. Students may choose among six specialty tracks including Pharmacy Regulation & Policy, Applied Pharmacoeconomics, Drug Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research Regulation in Pharmacy, Patient Safety & Medication Risk Management, and Institutional Pharmacy Leadership.

Degrees Offered With a Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy

concentration in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

optional second concentration in Clinical and Translational Science

Master of Science in Pharmacy

concentration in Medication Therapy Management

concentration in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Courses

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