The Graduate Catalog is published annually by the University of Florida and has been adopted as a rule of the University pursuant to the provision of Chapter 120 of the Florida Statutes. Published editions of this official record correspond to an academic year and will remain in effect as published from the Fall Term through the following Summer C Term. The Graduate Catalog provides official university rules, policies and regulations; it establishes minimum eligibility requirements for admission and reflects degree requirements; it provides approved calendar and curricular information; and it contains general information about the University community, the University, and its services and facilities.

Updates to the Graduate Catalog

Changes will be made to this academic record to correct errors or omissions. The University is not responsible for information obtained through Internet links from this catalog to other websites. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information. However, all courses, course descriptions, degree requirements, and fees are subject to change. Updates to the material listed within the Graduate Catalog should be sent to the editors, via an email to; every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the material listed herein.

Saving to PDF and Printing Pages from the Catalog

To view all subheadings on a page and to print or save the fully expanded PDF of the page, please use the print options button on the orange toolbar at the top of the page, reporting any revisions or discrepancies to the page via an email to  PDFs can be exported to Microsoft Word in order to use the Tracked Changes feature.  The entire archived version of the annual catalog can also be downloaded in full by using the print options button as well.