Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate program is

  • a formal collection of courses that together form a coherent program of study offered through an academic unit
  • recognition of the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a given field of study
  •  an academic credential granted by the University of Florida

As such, all Graduate Certificates must follow the requirements of admission, successful completion of approved graduate-level coursework, application to receive the credential, and enrollment during the term in which the certificate is awarded and posted to the transcript. 

Additional information can be obtained from the academic unit offering the certificate.

Graduate Certificates List

For the list of available Graduate Certificates, please visit the Graduate School’s website:

For UF Certificate Student Learning Outcomes, go to the SLO Dashboard and use the “Certificate” dropdown menu to filter your search.

Graduate Certificate Policies

For the Graduate Certificate Policy, please download:

For information about the policies governing certificates, please visit the Office of the Provost’s website: