Degrees Offered with a Major in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

  • Master of Science
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Community Studies
    • concentration in Family and Youth Development
    • concentration in Nonprofit Organizational Development

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Family, Youth and Community Sciences Departmental Courses

FYC 5935Personal and Family Financial Planning Capstone3
FYC 6026Human Resource Management for Nonprofits3
FYC 6105Youth and Family Relationships3
FYC 6111Families and Violence3
FYC 6117Military Families in Community Context3
FYC 6131Ethics for FYCS Practitioners3
FYC 6207Adolescent Problematic Behavior3
FYC 6221Grant Proposals for Community-Based Organizations3
FYC 6222Parenting and Child Relationships3
FYC 6223Promoting Positive Youth Development3
FYC 6230Theories of Family Development, Systems and Change3
FYC 6234Theoretical Approaches to Youth Development3
FYC 6235Prevention Science in Youth Development and Family Science3
FYC 6302Sustainable Community Development3
FYC 6320Community Development and Civic Engagement3
FYC 6330Theories of Community Development3
FYC 6421Nonprofit Organizations3
FYC 6424Fund Raising for Community Nonprofit Organizations3
FYC 6425Risk Management in Nonprofit Organizations3
FYC 6620Program Planning and Evaluation for Human Service Delivery3
FYC 6662Public Policy and Human Resource Development3
FYC 6800Scientific Reasoning and Research Design3
FYC 6802Advanced Research Methods for Family, Youth, and Community Sciences3
FYC 6804Applied Data Analysis in Family, Youth and Community Sciences3
FYC 6901Problems in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences1-3
FYC 6912Nonthesis Project in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences1-3
FYC 6920Capstone Project3
FYC 6932Topics, in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences1-3
FYC 6933Seminar in Human Resource Development1
FYC 6934Professional Internship/Practicum in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences1-3
FYC 6936Professional Development Seminar in YDFS3
FYC 6970Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Writing in Family, Youth and Community Sciences3
FYC 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-6
FYC 7979Advanced Research1-12
FYC 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Courses

ALS 5156Agricultural Ecology Principles and Applications3
ALS 5905Individual Study1-4
ALS 5932Special Topics1-4
ALS 6046Grant Writing2
ALS 6166Exotic Species and Biosecurity Issues3
ALS 6921Colloquium on Plant Pests of Regulatory Significance1
ALS 6925Integrated Plant Medicine4
ALS 6931Plant Medicine Program Seminar1
ALS 6935Topics in Biological Invasions3
ALS 6942Principles of Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management3
ALS 6943Internship in Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management1-10
ANS 6936Graduate Seminar in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology1-2
BCH 5045Graduate Survey of Biochemistry4
STA 6093Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences3
STA 6329Matrix Algebra and Statistical Computing3

Family, youth & community sciences (MS)

SLO 1     Analyze Problems, Issues and Needs      
Use science-based research to analyze complex family, youth, or social problems, issues, and needs

SLO 2     Apply Theory and Research        
Apply family, economic, or social theory and research to the analysis of policies and programs that affect families, youth, and communities

SLO 3     Analyze and Assess Needs, Issues and Problems
Analyze and assess the needs, issues and problems of families, youth, and communities

SLO 4     Impacts of Policies, Programs and Organizations
Develop, implement and analyze the impacts of policies, programs and organizations for families, youth, and communities

SLO 5     Professional Behavior   
Interact with professional peers with honesty, ethical behavior, cultural sensitivity, and teamwork