Degrees Offered with a Major in Nutritional Sciences

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Clinical and Translational Science

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Nutritional Sciences Program Core Courses

BCH 6206Advanced Metabolism3
HUN 6938Nutritional Sciences Seminar1
STA 6166Statistical Methods in Research I3
HUN 6301Nutritional Aspects of Lipid Metabolism3
HUN 6305Nutritional Aspects of Carbohydrates3
HUN 6321Proteins and Amino Acids in Nutrition3
HUN 6331Vitamins in Human Nutrition3
HUN 6356Minerals in Nutrition3

Additional Course Offerings

The following courses may be taken to contribute to the overall degree award requirements.

Food Science and Human Nutrition Departmental Courses

DIE 6241Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy4
DIE 6242Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy II3
DIE 6516Professional Development in Dietetics2
DIE 6905Problems in Dietetics1-3
DIE 6938Advanced Dietetic Seminar1
DIE 6940Community Nutrition Practicum3
DIE 6942Dietetic Internship I9
DIE 6944Dietetic Internship II6
FOS 5126CPsychophysical Aspects of Foods3
FOS 5205Current Issues in Food Safety and Sanitation3
FOS 5225CPrinciples in Food Microbiology4
FOS 5437CFood Product Development3
FOS 5561CCitrus Processing Technology3
FOS 5645Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals3
FOS 5732Current Issues in Food Regulations3
FOS 6125CSensory Evaluation of Food3
FOS 6215Principles of Food Safety3
FOS 6216Food Safety Systems2
FOS 6217Food Safety, Sanitation, and Microbiology2
FOS 6218Food Safety Systems2
FOS 6224Food and Environmental Virology2
FOS 6226CAdvanced Food Microbiology4
FOS 6315CAdvanced Food Chemistry4
FOS 6317CFlavor Chemistry and Technology3
FOS 6355CInstrumental Analysis and Separations5
FOS 6428CAdvanced Food Processing4
FOS 6455CIndustrial Food Fermentations3
FOS 6736Food Regulations2
FOS 6905Problems in Food Science1-3
FOS 6910Supervised Research1-5
FOS 6915Research Planning2
FOS 6936Topics in Food Science1-4
FOS 6938Food Science Seminar1
FOS 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
FOS 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
FOS 7979Advanced Research1-12
FOS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
HUN 5441Metabolic Response to Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition2
HUN 5447Nutrition and Immunity3
HUN 6235Macronutrients in Human Nutrition3
HUN 6245Advanced Human Nutrition3
HUN 6255Clinical Nutrition2-12
HUN 6301Nutritional Aspects of Lipid Metabolism3
HUN 6305Nutritional Aspects of Carbohydrates3
HUN 6321Proteins and Amino Acids in Nutrition3
HUN 6331Vitamins in Human Nutrition3
HUN 6356Minerals in Nutrition3
HUN 6548Global Nutrition3
HUN 6626Nutrition Education1
HUN 6804Nutrition Research Method: Systematic Review3
HUN 6812CAnalytical Techniques in Nutritional Biochemistry1
HUN 6835Research Projects in Nutrition and Dietetics – part 22
HUN 6905Problems in Nutritional Sciences1-3
HUN 6936Topics in Nutritional Sciences1-4
HUN 6938Nutritional Sciences Seminar1
HUN 6939Advanced Clinical Nutrition2-12
HUN 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
HUN 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
HUN 7979Advanced Research1-12
HUN 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Courses

ALS 5156Agricultural Ecology Principles and Applications3
ALS 5905Individual Study1-4
ALS 5932Special Topics1-4
ALS 6046Grant Writing2
ALS 6166Exotic Species and Biosecurity Issues3
ALS 6921Colloquium on Plant Pests of Regulatory Significance1
ALS 6925Integrated Plant Medicine4
ALS 6931Plant Medicine Program Seminar1
ALS 6935Topics in Biological Invasions3
ALS 6942Principles of Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management3
ALS 6943Internship in Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management1-10
ANS 6936Graduate Seminar in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology1-2
BCH 5045Graduate Survey of Biochemistry4
STA 6093Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences3
STA 6329Matrix Algebra and Statistical Computing3

Nutritional sciences

SLO 1     Articulate Fundamental Knowledge        
Articulate (in oral and written form) fundamental knowledge in nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and genomics.

SLO 2     Research in Nutritional Sciences
Analyze, interpret and evaluate research in nutritional sciences.

SLO 3     Discovery of New Information   
Plan, organize and conduct research for the discovery of new information.

SLO 4     Professional Behavior   
Display ethical behavior in all areas of conduct; interact with peers, faculty and staff with respect, fellowship and cooperation.