Degrees Offered with a Major in Accounting

  • Master of Accounting
    • no concentration
    • concentration in Auditing
    • concentration in Taxation

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Accounting Departmental Courses

ACG 5005Financial Accounting2
ACG 5025Financial Accounting3
ACG 5065Financial and Managerial Accounting3
ACG 5075Managerial Accounting2
ACG 5076Managerial Accounting3
ACG 5226Advanced Accounting2
ACG 5505Governmental Accounting2
ACG 5637Auditing I2
ACG 5647Auditing II2
ACG 5815Accounting Regulation2
ACG 6107Accounting for Income Taxes2
ACG 6136Accounting Theory2
ACG 6175Financial Reporting and Analysis2
ACG 6207Accounting for Risk2
ACG 6635Issues in Audit Practice2
ACG 6685Forensic Accounting2
ACG 6691International Auditing2
ACG 6697Information Systems Assurance2
ACG 6841Data Analytics for Accounting2
ACG 6905Individual Work in Accounting1-4
ACG 6935Special Topics in Accounting1-4
ACG 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
ACG 7399Accounting Research and Analysis3
ACG 7848Data Analysis Skills2
ACG 7849Web Crawling and Textual Analysis2
ACG 7850Advanced Data and Regression Techniques3
ACG 7885Overview of Accounting Research4
ACG 7886Accounting Research II4
ACG 7887Research Analysis in Accounting3
ACG 7939Theoretical Constructs in Accounting3
ACG 7979Advanced Research1-12
ACG 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
TAX 5025Federal Income Tax 12
TAX 5027Federal Income Tax 22
TAX 5065Tax Professional Research2
TAX 6105Corporate Taxation2
TAX 6115Advanced Corporate Taxation2
TAX 6205Partnership Taxation2
TAX 6526International Taxation2
TAX 6877State and Local Taxation2

Accounting (MACC)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Conduct effective professional tax research.

SLO 2     Knowledge        
Conduct effective professional accounting research.

SLO 3     Professional Behavior   
Write clearly and concisely.

SLO 4     Professional Behavior   
Write effective business reports.

SLO 5     Skills     
Solve complex business problems.

SLO 6     Professional Behavior   
Identify and interpret professional standards of conduct.

SLO 7     Professional Behavior   
Identify legal, ethical, and social responsibilities to stakeholders.