• Master of Science

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Computer and Information Science and Engineering Departmental Courses

CAI 6108Machine Learning Engineering3
CAI 6307Natural Language Processing3
CAI 6826Project in Artificial Intelligence Systems3
CAP 5100Human-Computer Interaction3
CAP 5108Research Methods for Human-Centered Computing3
CAP 5404Deep Learning for Computer Graphics3
CAP 5416Computer Vision3
CAP 5510Bioinformatics3
CAP 5705Computer Graphics3
CAP 5771Introduction to Data Science3
CAP 5841Modeling and Computing with Geometry3
CAP 6137Malware Reverse Engineering3
CAP 6516Medical Image Analysis3
CAP 6610Machine Learning3
CAP 6615Neural Networks for Computing3
CAP 6617Advanced Machine Learning3
CAP 6701Advanced Computer Graphics3
CAP 6769Advanced Topics in Data Science3
CAP 6779Projects in Data Science3
CDA 5155Computer Architecture Principles3
CDA 5636Embedded Systems3
CDA 6325CCyber-physical System Security3
CEN 5035Software Engineering3
CEN 5726Natural User Interaction3
CEN 5728User Experience Design3
CEN 5735Human-Centered Input Recognition Algorithms3
CEN 6070Software Testing and Verification3
CEN 6075Software Specification3
CIS 5209Penetration Testing -- Ethical Hacking3
CIS 5370Computer and Information Security3
CIS 5371Introduction to Cryptology3
CIS 6261Trustworthy Machine Learning3
CIS 6307Internet Data Streaming3
CIS 6905Individual Study1-3
CIS 6910Supervised Research1-5
CIS 6930Special Topics in CIS3
CIS 6935Graduate Seminar1-12
CIS 6940Supervised Teaching3
CIS 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
CIS 7979Advanced Research1-12
CIS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
CNT 5106CComputer Networks3
CNT 5410Computer and Network Security3
CNT 5517Mobile Computing3
CNT 6107Advanced Computer Networks3
CNT 6530Mobile Networking3
CNT 6885Distributed Multimedia Systems3
COP 5536Advanced Data Structures3
COP 5556Programming Language Principles3
COP 5615Distributed Operating System Principles3
COP 5618Concurrent Programming3
COP 5725Database Management Systems3
COP 6726Database System Implementation3
COT 5405Analysis of Algorithms3
COT 5442Approximation Algorithms3
COT 5520Computational Geometry3
COT 5615Mathematics for Intelligent Systems3
COT 6315Formal Languages and Computation Theory3
EGN 5949Practicum/Internship/Cooperative Work Experience1-6
EGN 6913Engineering Graduate Research0-3
IDC 5715Virtual Reality for the Social Good3

College of Engineering Courses

EEE 5354LSemiconductor Device Fabrication Laboratory3
EEE 5776Applied Machine Learning3
EEE 6778Applied Machine Learning II3
EGN 5215Machine Learning Applications in Civil Engineering3
EGN 5216Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence Systems3
EGN 5442Programming for Applied Data Science3
EGN 6216Artificial Intelligence Systems3
EGN 6217Applied Deep Learning3
EGN 6446Mathematical Foundations for Applied Data Science3
EGN 6640Entrepreneurship for Engineers3
EGN 6642Engineering Innovation3
EGN 6913Engineering Graduate Research0-3
EGN 6933Special Topics1-3
EGN 6937Engineering Fellowship Preparation0-1
EGS 6012Research Methods in Engineering Education3
EGS 6020Research Design in Engineering Education3
EGS 6039Engineering Leadership3
EGS 6050Foundations in Engineering Education3
EGS 6051Instructional Design in Engineering Education3
EGS 6054Cognition, Learning, and Pedagogy in Engineering Education3
EGS 6056Learning and Teaching in Engineering1
EGS 6085Advanced Engineering Educational Technology3
EGS 6101Divergent Thinking3
EGS 6626Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management3
EGS 6628Advanced Practices in Engineering Project Management3
EGS 6629Agile Project Management for Engineers and Scientists3
EGS 6681Advanced Engineering Leadership3
EGS 6930Engineering Education Seminar1
EGS 6940Foundations of Research to Practice in Engineering Education1
EGS 6949Research to Practice Experience in Engineering Education1-3
EGS 6971Research for Master’s Thesis1-12
EGS 7979Advanced Research1-12
EGS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-12
ESI 6900Principles of Engineering Practice1-4

Digital Arts & Sciences (MS)       

SLO 1     Knowledge       
Students identify, formulate, and solve computer science and engineering problems

SLO 2     Knowledge        
Students can critically read computer science and engineering literature

SLO 3     Skills     
Students use the techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computer science and engineering practice at an advanced level

SLO 4     Professional Behavior   
Professional experience: an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

SLO 5     Professional Behavior   
Professional experience: Students can communicate effectively