Degrees Offered with a Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Clinical and Translational Science
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Science

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Departmental Courses

EEE 5216Introduction to Biophotonics3
EEE 5225Resonant MEMS3
EEE 5283Neural Signals, Systems and Technology3
EEE 5317CIntroduction to Power Electronics3
EEE 5320Analog IC Design I3
EEE 5322VLSI Circuits and Technology 13
EEE 5354LSemiconductor Device Fabrication Laboratory3
EEE 5364Fundamentals of Data Converters3
EEE 5374Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits 13
EEE 5379Introduction to RF Circuits3
EEE 5400Future of Microelectronics Technology3
EEE 5405Microelectronic Fabrication Technologies3
EEE 5408Mixed Signal IC Testing I3
EEE 5415Modern Memory Device Technologies3
EEE 5426Introduction to Nanodevices3
EEE 5467Micro/Nano Machined Metamaterials3
EEE 5480Physical Attacks and Inspection of Electronics3
EEE 5502Foundations of Digital Signal Processing3
EEE 5544Stochastic Methods for Engineering 13
EEE 5590Introduction to Quantum Computing3
EEE 5702Automated Hardware/Software Verification3
EEE 5716Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust3
EEE 5725Acoustics3
EEE 6321Analog IC Design II3
EEE 6323VLSI Circuits and Technology 23
EEE 6328CMicrowave IC Design3
EEE 6374RF Circuits and Systems3
EEE 6382Semiconductor Physical Electronics3
EEE 6390VLSI Device Design3
EEE 6397Semiconductor Device Theory I3
EEE 6428Nanoscale Devices for VLSI Technology3
EEE 6431Carbon Nanotubes3
EEE 6460Advanced Microsystem Technology3
EEE 6465Design of MEMS Transducers3
EEE 6504Machine Learning for Time Series3
EEE 6512Image Processing and Computer Vision3
EEE 6545Stochastic Methods for Engineering 23
EEE 6561Fundamentals of Biometric Identification3
EEE 6586Automatic Speech Processing3
EEE 6742Advanced Hardware Security and Trust3
EEE 6744Hands-On Hardware Security3
EEL 5182State Variable Methods in Linear Systems3
EEL 5225Principles of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Transducers3
EEL 5249Fundamentals of RF and Power Electronic Devices3
EEL 5250Power System Analysis3
EEL 5285Smart Grid for Sustainable Energy3
EEL 5406Computational Photography3
EEL 5417Applied Magnetism & Magnetic Materials3
EEL 5426RF/Microwave Passive Circuits3
EEL 5441Fundamentals of Photonics3
EEL 5447Laser Theory and Design3
EEL 5462Advanced Antenna Systems3
EEL 5486Electromagnetic Fields and Applications3
EEL 5490Lightning3
EEL 5547Introduction to Radar3
EEL 5632Safety and Security of Vehicular Electronic Systems3
EEL 5655Control of Biological Systems3
EEL 5666CIntelligent Machines Design Laboratory4
EEL 5718Computer Communications3
EEL 5721Reconfigurable Computing3
EEL 5733Advanced Systems Programming3
EEL 5737Principles of Computer System Design3
EEL 5739IoT Security and Privacy3
EEL 5749IoT Design3
EEL 5764Computer Architecture3
EEL 5840Fundamentals of Machine Learning3
EEL 5855Cross Layered Systems Security3
EEL 5905Individual Work1-4
EEL 5934Special Topics in Electrical Engineering1-3
EEL 6246Power Electronics II3
EEL 6275Power System Protection3
EEL 6487Electromagnetic Field Theory and Applications II3
EEL 6507Queuing Theory and Data Communications3
EEL 6509Wireless Communication3
EEL 6528Digital Communications with Software-defined Radios3
EEL 6532Information Theory3
EEL 6533Data Analytics and Decision Sciences3
EEL 6535Digital Communications3
EEL 6537Spectral Sensing and Sparse Signal Recovery3
EEL 6550Error Correction Coding3
EEL 6555Signal Processing for Active Sensing3
EEL 6588Wireless Ad Hoc Networks3
EEL 6591Wireless Networks3
EEL 6614Modern Control Theory3
EEL 6617Linear Multivariable Control3
EEL 6686Embedded Systems Seminar3
EEL 6706Fault-Tolerant Computer Architecture3
EEL 6761Cloud Computer Systems and Applications3
EEL 6763Parallel Computer Architecture3
EEL 6814Neural Networks and Deep Learning3
EEL 6825Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems3
EEL 6841Machine Intelligence and Synthesis3
EEL 6871Cloud Computing Systems Management3
EEL 6892Virtual Computers3
EEL 6905Individual Work1-4
EEL 6910Supervised Research1-5
EEL 6933Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Seminar1
EEL 6935Special Topics in Electrical Engineering1-4
EEL 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
EEL 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
EEL 7979Advanced Research1-12
EEL 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
EGN 5949Practicum/Internship/Cooperative Work Experience1-6
EGN 6640Entrepreneurship for Engineers3
EGN 6913Engineering Graduate Research0-3

College of Engineering Courses

EEE 5354LSemiconductor Device Fabrication Laboratory3
EEE 5776Applied Machine Learning3
EEE 6778Applied Machine Learning II3
EGN 5215Machine Learning Applications in Civil Engineering3
EGN 5216Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence Systems3
EGN 5442Programming for Applied Data Science3
EGN 6216Artificial Intelligence Systems3
EGN 6217Applied Deep Learning3
EGN 6446Mathematical Foundations for Applied Data Science3
EGN 6640Entrepreneurship for Engineers3
EGN 6642Engineering Innovation3
EGN 6913Engineering Graduate Research0-3
EGN 6933Special Topics1-3
EGN 6937Engineering Fellowship Preparation0-1
EGS 6012Research Methods in Engineering Education3
EGS 6020Research Design in Engineering Education3
EGS 6039Engineering Leadership3
EGS 6050Foundations in Engineering Education3
EGS 6051Instructional Design in Engineering Education3
EGS 6054Cognition, Learning, and Pedagogy in Engineering Education3
EGS 6056Learning and Teaching in Engineering1
EGS 6085Advanced Engineering Educational Technology3
EGS 6101Divergent Thinking3
EGS 6626Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management3
EGS 6628Advanced Practices in Engineering Project Management3
EGS 6629Agile Project Management for Engineers and Scientists3
EGS 6681Advanced Engineering Leadership3
EGS 6930Engineering Education Seminar1
EGS 6940Foundations of Research to Practice in Engineering Education1
EGS 6949Research to Practice Experience in Engineering Education1-3
EGS 6971Research for Master’s Thesis1-12
EGS 7979Advanced Research1-12
EGS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-12
ESI 6900Principles of Engineering Practice1-4

Electrical & Computer engineering (PHD)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.  Ability to critically read and integrate engineering research literature

SLO 2     Skills     
Ability to use applied mathematical and/or modern experimental techniques.  Ability to use modern engineering tools for practice at an advanced level

SLO 3     Professional Behavior   
Ability to communicate effectively

Electrical & Computer Engineering (Me & Ms)    

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical and computer engineering problems

SLO 2     Skills     
Ability to use applied mathematical techniques.  Ability to use modern engineering tools for practice at an advanced level