Degrees Offered with a Major in Tourism and Recreation Management

  • Master of Science
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Natural Resource Recreation
    • concentration in Tourism
    • concentration in Tropical Conservation and Development

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management Departmental Courses

HLP 6515Evaluation Procedures in Health and Human Performance3
HLP 6535Research Methods in Health and Human Performance3
HLP 6911Research Seminar1
HLP 6935Variable International Topics1-6
HLP 7939HHP PhD Professional Development Seminar3
HLP 7979Advanced Research in Health and Human Performance1-12
HLP 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
HMG 6440AI Revolutions and Applications in THEM (Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management)3
HMG 6448CGIS and Spatial Analysis for Tourism and Social Data3
HMG 6466Revenue Management in Hosp Bus2
HMG 6583CData Mining with Social Data3
HMG 6589CApplied Multivariate Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality3
HMG 6740Smart Cities, Attractions, and Theme Parks3
HMG 6747Marketing in Hospitality/Tourism2
LEI 5121Outdoor Recreation and Park Management3
LEI 5188Trends and Issues in Tourism and Recreation Management3
LEI 6325Ecotourism3
LEI 6326Sport Tourism3
LEI 6336Tourism Planning and Development3
LEI 6351Heritage Tourism3
LEI 6895Tourism Theory and Concepts3
LEI 6903Readings in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism1-3
LEI 6905Directed Independent Study1-5
LEI 6910Supervised Research1-5
LEI 6931Special Topics in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism1-6
LEI 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
LEI 6944Practicum in Tourism & Recreation Management1-6
LEI 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
LEI 7170Foundations of Leisure Behavior3
LEI 7901Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in Higher Education3
LEI 7904Advanced Readings in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism1-3
LEI 7905Advanced Independent Study in Recreation, Parks and Tourism1-3
LEI 7910Advanced Supervised Research1-5
LEI 7933Advanced Special Topics in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism1-3

Tourism and Hospitality Management (MS)

SLO 1     Key Concepts    
Discuss and explain key concepts and theories relevant to recreation, parks, and tourism

SLO 2     Research Methods         
Identify, describe, explain, and apply traditional and current research methods within recreation, parks, and tourism

SLO 3     Identify and Apply Skills
Identify and apply skills to solve recreation and tourism problems

SLO 4     Ethical Behavior
Display ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, professional conduct, and professional communication