Degrees Offered with a Major in Mass Communication

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Clinical and Translational Science
  • Master of Arts in Mass Communication 
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Audience Analytics 
    • concentration in Digital Strategy
    • concentration in Global Strategic Communication
    • concentration in Political Communication 
    • concentration in Professional Communication
    • concentration in Public Interest Communication 
    • concentration in Public Relations
    • concentration in Public Relations and Communication Management
    • concentration in Science and Health Communication 
    • concentration in Social Media
    • concentration in Web Design and Online Communication 

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

College of Journalism and Communications Courses

ADV 5005Advertising Planning3
ADV 5407Content Marketing3
ADV 5409Principles of Political Advertising3
ADV 5815Inbound Marketing Strategy3
ADV 5825Search and Display Advertising3
ADV 6006Theories of Advertising3
ADV 6325Advertising and Social Media3
ADV 6405International Advertising3
ADV 6503Advertising Creative Strategy and Research3
ADV 6505Advertising Research Methods3
COM 5256Translational Com Science3
COM 6255Science and Health Policy3
COM 6338Advanced Web Topics I: Advanced Design4
COM 6565Social Media Community Management3
COM 6715Grant Writing3
COM 6815Risk Communication3
COM 6940Supervised Teaching1-3
JOU 5007History of Journalism3
JOU 6391Seminar in Journalism as Literature3
MMC 5006Introduction to Multimedia Communication3
MMC 5007Introduction to Audiences3
MMC 5046Presentation Power3
MMC 5155Copywriting Digital Messaging3
MMC 5165Influence and Selling3
MMC 5206Advanced Law of Mass Communication3
MMC 5215Technology Policy3
MMC 5259Customer Management and the Nurturing of Enduring Relationships3
MMC 5277Web Design Principles4
MMC 5279UX Design Theory3
MMC 5306International Communication3
MMC 5308Communicating for Success3
MMC 5406Selling Today3
MMC 5422Customer Research and the Fundamentals of Online Testing3
MMC 5427Research Methods in Digital Communication3
MMC 5435Messaging Strategy and the Centrality of the Value Proposition3
MMC 5436Messaging Methodologies and the Practice of Conversion Optimization3
MMC 5449Consumer and Audience Analytics3
MMC 5458Statistics for Analysts in Communication3
MMC 5465Communication Leadership3
MMC 5468Understanding Audiences3
MMC 5495Introduction to Public Interest Communication3
MMC 5616Introduction to Political Organizing3
MMC 5625Political Engagement Strategy3
MMC 5626Introduction to Political Campaigning3
MMC 5636Introduction to Social Media3
MMC 5648Public Affairs Communication3
MMC 5708Foundations of Intercultural Communication3
MMC 5717Cross Platform Media Selling3
MMC 5731Digital Sales and Engagement3
MMC 5737Lead Generation and Management3
MMC 5739Social Media Advertising for Conversions3
MMC 6035Personal Branding and Digital Reputation Management3
MMC 6047Academic Writing For Mass Communication3
MMC 6135Data Visualization3
MMC 6137CAudio-Visual Storytelling3
MMC 6145Web Interactivity and Engagement3
MMC 6205Social Media Ethics3
MMC 6213Strategic Communication Ethics and Concepts3
MMC 6269Computer-Mediated Communication3
MMC 6278Advanced Web Topics II4
MMC 6400Mass Communication Theory3
MMC 6402Seminar in Mass Communication Theory4
MMC 6406Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Mass Communication3
MMC 6409Science/Health Communication3
MMC 6414Strategic Public Interest Communication3
MMC 6417New Media, Health Behavior and the Health Environment3
MMC 6421Research Methods in Mass Communication3
MMC 6423Content-Analysis Methods3
MMC 6426Qualitative Research3
MMC 6428Collaborative Communication Research3
MMC 6455Mass Communication Statistics3
MMC 6456Data Storytelling and Visualization4
MMC 6457Mass Communication Statistics 23
MMC 6466Digital Persuasive Communication3
MMC 6475Audience Research Methods3
MMC 6476Understanding Audiences3
MMC 6477Measuring Social Change: Research and Evaluation3
MMC 6485Advanced Qualitative Methods: Narrative Health Methods and Analyses3
MMC 6486Family Communication and Health Across the Lifespan3
MMC 6487Interpersonal Health Communication Theory3
MMC 6496Public Interest Communication Theory3
MMC 6497Media Psychology3
MMC 6506Critical and Cultural Theories in Media Studies3
MMC 6566Communicating Privacy3
MMC 6568Communication in Healthcare3
MMC 6612New Media and a Democratic Society3
MMC 6615Race, Class, Gender, and Media3-4
MMC 6618Survey of Political Communication3
MMC 6638Global Activism and Social Change Communication3
MMC 6639Non-Profit and Government Communication3
MMC 6647Financial Business Essentials for Communication Professionals3
MMC 6660Communication, Technology and Society3
MMC 6665Seminar in First Amendment Theory4
MMC 6666Seminar in Research in Mass Communication Law4
MMC 6709The Art and Science of Storytelling3
MMC 6725Social Media and News3
MMC 6726Social Media and Emerging Technology3
MMC 6727Social Media Metrics3
MMC 6728Branding Using Social and Mobile Media3
MMC 6730Social Media Management3
MMC 6738Digital Promotions/Campaigns3
MMC 6746Developing Intercultural Competence3
MMC 6905Individual Work1-3
MMC 6910Supervised Research1-3
MMC 6929Communication Colloquium2
MMC 6930Seminar in Mass Communication Teaching3
MMC 6936Special Topics in Mass Communication1-3
MMC 6945Professional Master's Practicum1-3
MMC 6949Professional Internship1-3
MMC 6950Mass Communication Capstone3
MMC 6951Masters Project Seminar1
MMC 6960CProfessional Master's Seminar3
MMC 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
MMC 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis1-9
MMC 7979Advanced Research1-12
MMC 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-12
PUR 5107Strategic Writing for Public Relations3
PUR 5507Persuasion Theory and Research3
PUR 6005Theories of Public Relations3
PUR 6006Public Relations Foundations3
PUR 6206Public Relations Ethics and Professional Responsibility3
PUR 6403Crisis and Risk Management3
PUR 6409International Issues and Crisis Communication3
PUR 6475Digital Social Advocacy3
PUR 6506Public Relations Research3
PUR 6509Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation3
PUR 6603Public Relations Strategy and Messaging3
PUR 6607Public Relations Management3
PUR 6608International Public Relations3
PUR 6616Corporate Reputation and Communication3
PUR 6934Problems in Public Relations3
RTV 6508Audience Analysis3
RTV 6801Media Management and Theory3
RTV 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis1-9
VIC 5006Foundations of Design for Communicators3
VIC 5315Corporate and Brand Identity on the Web3
VIC 5325Digital Imagery in Web Design4
VIC 5326Digital Media Layout and Design3
VIC 6008Video Storytelling4
VIC 6316Brand Management3

mass communications (PHD)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Develop a thorough identification and review of mass communication theory and proficiency in research methods surrounding a specific area of expertise in the mass communication field.

SLO 2     Knowledge        
Discuss and translate mass communication theory and proficiency in research methods surrounding a specific area of expertise in the mass communication field.

SLO 3     Skills     
Explain and report communication subject matter and methodology, successfully complete research studies through conceptualization, methodological expertise, analysis and submission to professional conferences and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

SLO 4     Professional Behavior   
Display of ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity and appreciation for diverse viewpoints, leadership, independent and creative thinking.

SLO 5     Professional Behavior   
Participate in professional and academic service activities that develop leadership skills.

Mass Communications (MAMC)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Identify, describe, explain, and apply communication theory research methods, aiding in a synthesized perspective for evaluating and addressing professional or theoretical problems

SLO 2     Skills     
Address communication subject matter and issues through application, analysis, or synthesis of subjects, theories and methodologies

SLO 3     Professional Behavior   
Display ethical behaviors, teamwork, cultural sensitivity/appreciation for diverse viewpoints, and meet professional standards for effective and ethical decision making