Degrees Offered with a Major in Nursing Sciences

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Clinical and Translational Science

The PhD in Nursing Sciences prepares nurse scholars to develop and conduct scientific research that advances the theoretical foundations of nursing practice and health care delivery. It is also the gateway to a career in nursing education, where qualified faculty members are greatly needed to alleviate a growing nursing faculty shortage. Our program offers comprehensive research preparation with one of the strongest cores of nursing research faculty in Florida. The UF College of Nursing offers two options for research-focused doctoral studies in nursing. Select a program to learn more.

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

College of nursing courses

NGR 6002CAdvanced Health Assessment4
NGR 6052CAdult Nursing: Diagnostics and Procedures1
NGR 6101Theory and Research for Nursing3
NGR 6104State of the Science in Nursing3
NGR 6140Physiology and Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice4
NGR 6230CAcute Care Nurse Practitioner: Diagnostics and Procedures for the Critically Ill1
NGR 6241Adult Nursing: Common Health Problems4
NGR 6242LAdlt-Gero Acnp Clin 13
NGR 6243Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Critically Ill Adult4
NGR 6243LAcute Care Nurse Practitioner: Critically Ill Adult Laboratory3
NGR 6247Complex High Prevalence Illnesses Of Adults4
NGR 6247LComplex High Prevalence Illnesses Of Adults3
NGR 6248Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 33
NGR 6248LAdult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 33
NGR 6301Advanced Child Health Nursing I3
NGR 6301LAdvanced Child Health Nursing I3
NGR 6302Advanced Child Health Nursing II4
NGR 6302LAdvanced Child Health Nursing II3
NGR 6307Advanced Child Health Nursing III3
NGR 6307LAdvanced Child Health Nursing III3
NGR 6311Adv Acute and Chron Chi4
NGR 6311LAdv Acu Nsg Clinical3
NGR 6323Neonatal Np 34
NGR 6323LNeonatal Np Clin 33
NGR 6350Family Nurse Practitioner: Women, Adolescents, And Children4
NGR 6364Seminar: The Nurse Midwife2
NGR 6368Nur-Midwifery Care 33
NGR 6372CAdvanced Pediatric Procedures and Diagnostics3
NGR 6503Psych Np Indiv Psych3
NGR 6503LPsych Np: Indiv Clin3
NGR 6508Psych Np Group Psych2
NGR 6508LPsych Np: Group Clin3
NGR 6509LPsych Np Fam Clin3
NGR 6538Psychopharmacology for Psychiatric Nursing3
NGR 6560CAdv Psych Assess Diag3
NGR 6612Family Nurse Practitioner: Complex Family Health Care (Focus On Gerontology)3
NGR 6638Health Promotion3
NGR 6740Role Transition: Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing3
NGR 6807Mixed Methods in Health Research3
NGR 6815Foundations of Qualitative Health Research3
NGR 6840Applied Statistical Analysis I3
NGR 6845Applied Statistical Analysis II3
NGR 6850Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice3
NGR 6905Individual Study1-3
NGR 6930Special Topics in Nursing1-3
NGR 6937Synthesis and Integration of State of the Science Research3
NGR 6941Practicum in Nursing1-4
NGR 6943LTeaching Practicum2-4
NGR 6944Individual Clinical Practice1-6
NGR 6945LPost Master Certificate Practicum1-4
NGR 7115Philosophy of Nursing Science3
NGR 7124Theory Development in Nursing3
NGR 7661Nursing Science in Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations3
NGR 7700Leadership and Role Development in Advanced Nursing Practice3
NGR 7709Nurse Scientist and Scholar I1
NGR 7816Quantitative Research Design and Measurement in Nursing3
NGR 7835Nurse Scientist and Scholar II1
NGR 7891Health Policy and Finance in Advanced Nursing Practice3
NGR 7979Advanced Research1-12
NGR 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15

Nursing sciences

Upon completion of the program, the PhD graduate is expected to engage in the following:

  • Research: Synthesizes and generates knowledge for the discipline of nursing.
  • Scholarly Activity: Disseminates findings to researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders in healthcare.
  • Leadership: Assumes leadership and advocacy positions to advance healthcare.
  • Ethics: Synthesizes ethical issues and standards related to science and knowledge development.
  • Collaboration: Develops and engages in interdisciplinary teams within the scientific and healthcare practice communities.