Degrees Offered with a Major in Biostatistics

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Science
    • without a concentration
    • with a concentration in Biostatistical Methods and Practice
    • with a concentration in Health Data Science

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Biostatistics Departmental Courses

GMS 6818Design and Conduct Clinical Trials I2
GMS 6819Design and Conduct Clinical Trials II2
GMS 6827Advanced Clinical Trial Methods3
GMS 6841Design and Analysis of Translational Research in Biomedical Sciences2
GMS 6861Applied Biostatistics I3
PHC 6020Clinical Trial Methods3
PHC 6022Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials3
PHC 6050CBiostatistical Methods I3
PHC 6051Biostatistical Methods II3
PHC 6055Biostatistical Computing Using R1
PHC 6059Introduction to Applied Survival Analysis3
PHC 6063Biostatistical Consulting3
PHC 6068Biostatistical Computing3
PHC 6075Biostatistical Literacy3
PHC 6080SAS for Public Health - Data1
PHC 6081SAS for Public Health - Analysis1
PHC 6084Bayesian Biostatistical Methods3
PHC 6088Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data3
PHC 6089Public Health Computing3
PHC 6092Introduction to Biostatistical Theory3
PHC 6097Statistical Learning with Applications in Health Sciences3
PHC 6790Biostatistical Methods Using SAS3
PHC 6791Data Visualization in the Health Sciences3
PHC 6937Special Topics in Public Health1-6
PHC 7056Analysis of Longitudinal Data3
PHC 7066Large Sample Theory3
PHC 7090Advanced Biostatistical Methods I3
PHC 7091Advanced Biostatistical Methods II3
PHC 7925Biostatistics Journal Club1-3
PHC 7979Advanced Research1-12
PHC 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
STA 6177Applied Survival Analysis3
STA 6707Analysis of Multivariate Data3
STA 7179Survival Analysis3

College of Public Health and Health Professions Courses

GEY 5935Topics in Gerontology3
GEY 6220Overview of Geriatric Care Management3
GEY 6306Interpersonal Communication Within the Aging Network3
GEY 6646Issues and Concepts in Gerontology3
GEY 6936Professional Development in Gerontology/Geriatrics1-2
HSC 6905Independent Study1-3
HSC 6910Supervised Research1-5
HSC 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
PHC 6053Regression Methods for the Health and Life Sciences3
PHC 6120Community Assessment and Partnerships3
PHC 6193Qualitative Data Analysis3
PHC 6195Health information for Diverse Populations: Theory & Methods3
PHC 6316Health, Risk, and Crisis Communication3
PHC 6447Ecology of HIV/Aids in the Rural South3
PHC 6607Critical Issues in Public Health1
PHC 6917Supervised Research Project1-6
PHC 6945Public Health Practicum1-6
PHC 6946Public Health Internship1-9
PHC 7587Theory Development and Testing in Behavioral & Community Public Health2
PHC 7752Seminar in Instrument Development for Public Health2
PHC 7907Social and Behavioral Science Journal Club1
RCS 6036Or to Forensic Vt P3
RCS 6601Forensic Rehabilitation Consultation I3
RCS 6602Forensic Rehabilitation Consultation II3
RSD 6110Rehabilitation Science Theory and Application I3
RSD 6905Individual Work1-4
RSD 6910Supervised Research1-5
RSD 6930Special Topics in Rehabilitation Science1-4
RSD 6940Supervised Teaching1-3
RSD 7979Advanced Research1-12
RSD 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15

Biostatistics (PHD)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Communicate the underpinning of biostatistics concepts and methods

 SLO 2    Skills     
Identify, research, and acquire new biostatistical concepts and methods on one's own

 SLO 3    Skills     
Develop and apply new biostatistical concepts and methods independently

 SLO 4    Professional Behavior   
Display ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, conduct and communications

SLO 5    Professional Behavior    
Participation in academic conferences to disseminate knowledge and represent the university

Biostatistics (MS)            

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Communicate the underpinning of biostatistics concepts and methods.

SLO 2     Skills     
Apply biostatistical concepts and methods, interpret results, communicate.

SLO 3     Professional Behavior   
Display ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, conduct and communications.