Degrees Offered with a Major in Art Education

  • Master of Arts

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

School of Art and Art History Departmental Courses

ARE 6049History of Teaching Art3
ARE 6148Curriculum in Teaching Art3
ARE 6246CPrinciples of Teaching Art3
ARE 6247CTeaching Art: The Study of Practice3
ARE 6386Teaching Art in Higher Education3
ARE 6641Issues in Art Education3
ARE 6746Methods of Research in Art Education3
ARE 6905Individual Study1-5
ARE 6910Capstone Project3
ARE 6933Special Topics in Art Education1-3
ARE 6944Internship in Teaching Art3
ARE 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
ARE 6973Individual Project1-10
ARH 5420Art in the Age of Revolution3
ARH 5667Colonial Andean Art3
ARH 5816Methods of Research and Bibliography3
ARH 5877Gender, Representation, and the Visual Arts: 1600-19003
ARH 5905Individual Study1-6
ARH 6141Greek Art Seminar3
ARH 6292Medieval Art Seminar3
ARH 6394Renaissance Art Seminar3
ARH 6422Beginnings of Modernism. Realism to Post-Impressionism 1848-18903
ARH 6477Eighteenth-Century European Art Seminar3
ARH 6481Contemporary Art Seminar3
ARH 6496Modern Art Seminar3
ARH 6596Chinese Art Seminar3
ARH 6597African Art Seminar3
ARH 6654Pre-Columbian Art Seminar3
ARH 6666Colonial Latin American Art Seminar3
ARH 6696American Art Seminar3
ARH 6797Museum Education3
ARH 6836Exhibitions Seminar3
ARH 6895Collections Management Seminar3
ARH 6900Independent Study in Museology1-6
ARH 6910Supervised Research1-5
ARH 6911Advanced Study3-4
ARH 6914Independent Study in Ancient Art History3-4
ARH 6915Independent Study in Medieval Art History3-4
ARH 6916Independent Study in Renaissance and Baroque Art History3-4
ARH 6917Independent Study in Modern Art History3-4
ARH 6918Independent Study in Non-Western Art History3-4
ARH 6930Special Topics in Museology3
ARH 6931Seminar in Curatorial Studies3
ARH 6938Seminar in Museum Studies3
ARH 6941Supervised Internship1-6
ARH 6946Museum Practicum1-6
ARH 6948Gallery Practicum1-6
ARH 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
ARH 7979Advanced Research1-12
ARH 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
ART 5674CDigital Fabrication3
ART 5905CDirected Study1-5
ART 5930CSpecial Topics3
ART 6410CPrintmaking Seminar: Mastering Process and Content3
ART 6411CPrintmaking Seminar: Transformation and Change3
ART 6412CPrintmaking Seminar: Ideation, Studies, and Completed Works3
ART 6413CPrintmaking Seminar: Interdisciplinary Studio3
ART 6671CAdvanced Experiments in Digital Art3
ART 6672Hypermedia3
ART 6673CVideo Art3
ART 6675CDigital Art and Animation3
ART 6691Digital Art Studio4
ART 6794CVessel Aesthetic 13
ART 6795CVessel Aesthetic 23
ART 6797CCeramic Sculpture 23
ART 6835CResearch in Methods and Materials of the Artist3-4
ART 6849CReactive Environments3
ART 6897Professional Practices for the Visual Artist3
ART 6910CSupervised Research1-5
ART 6925CArt + Technology Workshop3
ART 6926CAdvanced Study I2-4
ART 6927CAdvanced Study II2-4
ART 6928CAdvanced Study III2-4
ART 6929CAdvanced Study IV2-4
ART 6933Area Methods: Rotating Topics1-4
ART 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
ART 6973CIndividual Project1-10
DIG 5930Special Topics3
DIG 6746CGraduate Seminar in Sensors and Electronics3
GRA 5905Individual Directed Study1-3
GRA 6930Seminar: Rotating Topics3
GRA 6931CResearch and Practice3
GRA 6944Practicum1-6
GRA 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis1-9
IDC 6505CProgramming for Artists3

College of the Arts Courses

HUM 5357Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine3
HUM 5366Foundations of Arts in Public Health3
HUM 5367Arts in Public Health Practice3
HUM 5595Arts in Medicine in Practice3
HUM 6308Arts and Compassion3
HUM 6350The Art of Self-Care3
HUM 6352Art and Design in the Environment of Care3
HUM 6353Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar3
HUM 6354Arts in Medicine Advanced Professional Seminar3
HUM 6355Arts in Medicine Summer Intensive3
HUM 6358Arts in Medicine Capstone Proposal2
HUM 6359Arts in Medicine Capstone3
HUM 6365Collaborating Across Disciplines: The Arts Therapies3
HUM 6375The Arts and Human Development3
HUM 6596Arts in Medicine Capstone4
HUM 6597Research and Evaluation in Arts in Medicine3
HUM 6886Coding and Narrative Analysis in Arts in Health2
HUM 6930Special Topics in Fine Arts1-3
HUM 6942Arts in Medicine Graduate Practicum3
HUM 6944Arts in Action: Consulting Project in Performing Arts Management3
HUM 6947Arts and Public Health Professional Seminar3
HUM 6948Arts and Public Health Practicum3

Art education (MA)

SLO 1     Professional Behavior   
Demonstrates how the project is personally relevant and contributes to the field of art education.

SLO 2     Knowledge        
The student describes and executes the project proposal, making appropriate adjustments as necessary.

SLO 3     Skills     
Synthesizes knowledge obtained in art education literature courses in planning and executing the project.

SLO 4     Skills     
Explains and supports their thesis or project and the project's underlying ideas.

SLO 5     Professional Behavior   
Connects the thesis or capstone project to current or past art education scholarship.