Degrees Offered with a Major in Theatre

  • Master of Fine Arts

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Theatre and Dance Departmental Courses

DAA 6905Graduate Dance Project1-3
DAN 6436Laban Movement Analysis3
DAN 6949Dance Clinical Practice1-3
THE 5287History of Decor and Architecture for the Stage3
THE 6265Costume History3
THE 6525History, Literature, and Criticism I3
THE 6526History, Literature, and Criticism II3
THE 6565Seminar in Creative Process3
THE 6905Individual Study1-9
THE 6930Special Topics1-6
THE 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
THE 6941Internship1-9
THE 6950Applied Theatre1-3
THE 6955Summer Repertory Theatre3-9
THE 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
THE 6973CProject in Lieu of Thesis1-9
TPA 5025Lighting Design I3
TPA 5035CLighting Specialties3
TPA 5047Costume Design I3
TPA 5067Scene Design I3
TPA 5079Graduate Scene Painting3
TPA 5082Advanced Theatre Graphics3
TPA 5236Costume Technologies Workshop3
TPA 6009Design Studio3
TPA 6019Prof Sem Design3
TPA 6026Lighting Design II3
TPA 6048Costume Design II3
TPA 6054Detail Design for Costume Designers3
TPA 6069Scene Design II3
TPA 6235Costume Construction3
TPA 6237Pattern Making: Flat Patterning3
TPA 6243Pattern Making: Draping3
TPA 6258Computer Drafting 2D3
TPA 6357Programming and Presentation for the Lighting Designer3
TPA 6930Special Topics1-6
TPP 6115Graduate Acting I: Modern Acting Theory and Practice2-3
TPP 6116Graduate Acting II: Shakespeare and High Style2-3
TPP 6145Graduate Acting III: Period Styles2-3
TPP 6149Acting IV: Contemporary Realism2-3
TPP 6237MFA Company Acting Workshop1-6
TPP 6266Acting for the Camera2-3
TPP 6285Voice and Movement I2-3
TPP 6286MFA Voice and Speech II: Shakespeare and High Styles2-3
TPP 6297The Alexander Technique I2
TPP 6298The Alexander Technique II2
TPP 6299The Alexander Technique III2
TPP 6385Directing3
TPP 6515Graduate Movement Training2-3
TPP 6536Graduate Stage Combat2-3
TPP 6717MFA Voice and Speech III: Period Styles2-3
TPP 6718MFA Voice and Speech IV: Advanced Vocal Training for the Actor2-3
TPP 6930Special Topics1-6
TPP 6946Performance Practicum3

College of the Arts Courses

HUM 5357Creativity and Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine3
HUM 5595Arts in Medicine in Practice3
HUM 6308Arts and Compassion3
HUM 6350The Art of Self-Care3
HUM 6352Art and Design in the Environment of Care3
HUM 6353Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar3
HUM 6354Arts in Medicine Advanced Professional Seminar3
HUM 6355Arts in Medicine Summer Intensive3
HUM 6358Arts in Medicine Capstone Proposal2
HUM 6359Arts in Medicine Capstone3
HUM 6365Collaborating Across Disciplines: The Arts Therapies3
HUM 6375The Arts and Human Development3
HUM 6596Arts in Medicine Capstone4
HUM 6597Research and Evaluation in Arts in Medicine3
HUM 6886Coding and Narrative Analysis in Arts in Health2
HUM 6930Special Topics in Fine Arts1-3
HUM 6942Arts in Medicine Graduate Practicum3
HUM 6944Arts in Action: Consulting Project in Performing Arts Management3
HUM 6947Arts and Public Health Professional Seminar3
HUM 6948Arts and Public Health Practicum3

Theatre (MFA)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Explain, summarize and critique subject matter relevant to the discipline of performance or design, including theory, history, and practice in theatre

SLO 2     Skills                     
Translate knowledge into practical application in the context of live performance

SLO 3     Professional Behavior   
Employ ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity, teamwork skills, collegiality, and communication skills relevant to working in professional theatre and related fields