Degrees Offered with a Major in Entrepreneurship

  • Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Departmental Courses

FIN 5405Business Financial Management3
FIN 5437Finance I: Asset Valuation, Risk, and Return2
FIN 5439Finance II: Capital Structure and Risk Management Issues2
FIN 6108Personal Financial Management1
FIN 6246Money and Capital Markets3
FIN 6296Capitalism2
FIN 6306Investment Banking2
FIN 6425Corporation Finance3
FIN 6427Measuring and Managing Value2
FIN 6429Financial Decision Making2
FIN 6432Asset Valuation and Corporate Finance2
FIN 6438Study in Valuation2
FIN 6465Financial Statement Analysis2
FIN 6477Entrepreneurial Finance2
FIN 6489Financial Risk Management2
FIN 6496Mergers & Acquisitions2
FIN 6518Investment Concepts2
FIN 6525Asset Management Project1
FIN 6526Portfolio Theory2
FIN 6528Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy2
FIN 6537Derivative Securities2
FIN 6545Fixed Income Security Valuation2
FIN 6547Interest Rate Risk Management2
FIN 6549Special Topics in Fixed Income Securities2
FIN 6575Emerging Markets Finance I2
FIN 6576Emerging Markets Finance II2
FIN 6585Securities Trading2
FIN 6596Introduction to Computational Methods & Derivative Pricing2
FIN 6608Financial Management of the Multinational Corporation2
FIN 6626International Finance3
FIN 6636Open Economy Macrofinance2
FIN 6638International Finance2
FIN 6728Capitalism and Regulation2
FIN 6729Economics Organizations and Markets3
FIN 6779Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Applications for Finance & FINTECH2
FIN 6785Investment Banking and Corporate Financial Modeling I2
FIN 6786Investment Banking and Corporate Financial Modeling II2
FIN 6905Individual Work in Finance1-4
FIN 6930Special Topics in Finance1-4
FIN 6935Finance Professional Speaker Series1
FIN 6936Special Topics In Investment Finance2
FIN 6957International Studies in Finance1-4
FIN 6958International Finance Study Tour2
FIN 7446Financial Theory I4
FIN 7447Financial Theory II4
FIN 7808Corporate Finance4
FIN 7809Investments4
FIN 7938Finance Research Workshop1-4
FIN 7979Advanced Research1-12
FIN 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
REE 6007Fundamentals of Real Estate Development2
REE 6045Introduction to Real Estate2
REE 6058Real Estate Research and Technology1
REE 6105Real Estate Appraisal2
REE 6206Primary Mortgage Markets and Institutions2
REE 6208Secondary Mortgage Markets and Securitization2
REE 6315Real Estate Market and Transaction Analysis2
REE 6395Investment Property Analysis2
REE 6397Real Estate Securities and Portfolios2
REE 6455Law of Real Estate Transactions2
REE 6705Geographic Information Systems and Location Analysis2
REE 6737Real Estate Development2
REE 6905Individual Work in Real Estate1-6
REE 6930Special Topics in Real Estate1-4
REE 6935Real Estate Case Studies1-2
REE 6948Capstone Seminar and Applied Project2

Warrington College of Business Courses

BTE 7171Preparing to Teach in Business2
GEB 5212Professional Writing in Business1-3
GEB 5215Professional Communication in Business1-3
GEB 5929Foundations Review1-3
GEB 6229Professional Communication for Accountants2
GEB 6365International Business3
GEB 6905Individual Work1-4
GEB 6930Special Topics1-3
GEB 6941Internship1-4
GEB 6957International Studies in Business1-4

Entrepreneurship (MS)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Assess and evaluate potential new value-driven creative venture opportunities in ways that convey a vision

SLO 2     Professional Behavior   
Apply professional entrepreneurial skills to leverage resources, manage risk, plan when nothing exists, develop an action orientation and be tenacious in the face of setbacks.

SLO 3     Skills     
Utilize professional experience effectively to adapt and build action-oriented networks in the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities