Degrees Offered with a Major in Program Evaluation in Educational Environments

  • Master of Arts in Education

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education Departmental Courses

EDA 6061Educational Organization and Administration3
EDA 6069Educational Policy Analysis3
EDA 6107Leading Change in Educational Organizations3
EDA 6192Educational Leadership: The Individual3
EDA 6193Educational Leadership: Instruction3
EDA 6195Educational Policy Development3
EDA 6198Communicating through Scholarly Writing in Educational Leadership3
EDA 6215Communications in Educational Leadership3
EDA 6222Administration of School Personnel3
EDA 6232Public School Law3
EDA 6242Public School Finance3
EDA 6271Technology Leadership for Educational Administrators3
EDA 6326Turnaround Schools3
EDA 6370Mentoring for Career Development3
EDA 6423Data-Driven Decision Making in Educational Organizations3
EDA 6503The Principalship3
EDA 6509The Superintendent3
EDA 6905Individual Work1-6
EDA 6931Special Topics1-3
EDA 6948Supervised Practice in School Administration1-15
EDA 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
EDA 7206Organizational Leadership in Education3
EDA 7945Practicum in Supervision and Administration1-15
EDA 7979Advanced Research1-12
EDA 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
EDA 7985Research Design in Educational Administration3
EDF 5441Assessment in General and Exceptional Student Education3
EDF 6113Educational Psychology: Human Development3
EDF 6211Educational Psychology: General3
EDF 6215Educational Psychology: Learning Theory3
EDF 6400Quantitative Foundations of Education Research Overview3
EDF 6401Educational Statistics3
EDF 6402Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research: Inferential Statistics3
EDF 6403Quantitative Foundations of Educational Research6
EDF 6416Quantitative Methods for Evaluation in Educational Environments3
EDF 6436Theory of Measurement3
EDF 6463Culturally Responsive Evaluation in Educational Environments3
EDF 6464Reading and Designing Qualitative Research3
EDF 6468Evaluation Management for Grants in Educational Environments3
EDF 6471Survey Design and Analysis in Educational Research3
EDF 6475Qualitative Foundations of Educational Research3
EDF 6481Quantitative Research Methods in Education4
EDF 6492Evaluation Communication and Ethics in the Educational Environment3
EDF 6905Individual Study1-3
EDF 6910Supervised Research1-5
EDF 6938Special Topics1-3
EDF 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
EDF 6941Practicum in Educational Research2-9
EDF 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
EDF 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis1-6
EDF 7405Advanced Quantitative Foundations of Educational Research3
EDF 7412Structural Equation Models3
EDF 7413Advanced Topics in Structural Equation Modeling3
EDF 7435Rating Scale Design and Analysis in Educational Research3
EDF 7439Item Response Theory3
EDF 7469CAI for Evaluation in Educational Environments3
EDF 7474Multilevel Models3
EDF 7479Qualitative Data Analysis: Approaches and Techniques3
EDF 7482Quasi-experimental Design and Analysis in Educational Research3
EDF 7483Qualitative Data Collection: Approaches and Techniques3
EDF 7486Methods of Educational Research3
EDF 7491Evaluation of Educational Products and Systems3
EDF 7931Seminar in Educational Research3
EDF 7932Multivariate Analysis in Educational Research3
EDF 7979Advanced Research1-12
EDF 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
EDG 6285Evaluation in the School Program3
EDH 6006The College Student3
EDH 6040Theory of College Student Development3
EDH 6046Diversity Issues in Higher Education3
EDH 6051Educational Outcomes of American Colleges and Universities3
EDH 6053The Community Junior College in America3
EDH 6065History of American Higher Education3
EDH 6066American Higher Education3
EDH 6305College and University Teaching3
EDH 6306Coaching Models for Student Success in Higher Education3
EDH 6360Foundations and Functions of Higher Education and Student Affairs3
EDH 6365Academic and Student Affairs Collaborations3
EDH 6503Resource Development in Higher Education3
EDH 6632Current Issues in Community College Leadership3
EDH 6637Crisis Management in Higher Education3
EDH 6644Assessment in Higher Education3
EDH 6664Public Policy in Higher Education3
EDH 6665Leadership and Supervision in Higher Education3
EDH 6905Individual Work1-3
EDH 6931Special Topics in Higher Education1-3
EDH 6935Capstone Seminar in Student Personnel in Higher Education3
EDH 6947Practicum in Student Personnel3
EDH 6973Project in Lieu of Thesis3
EDH 7050Exploration of Research Literature in Higher Education3
EDH 7225Seminar: Curriculum in Higher Education3
EDH 7405The Law and Higher Education3
EDH 7505The Financing of Higher Education3
EDH 7631Administration of Instruction in Higher Education3
EDH 7634Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education3
EDH 7635Higher Education Administration3
EDH 7636Organizational Theory in Higher Education3
EDH 7916Contemporary Research on Higher Education3
EDH 7942Supervised Practice in Student Personnel in Higher Education1
EDH 7948Internship in Higher Education3
EDH 7979Advanced Research1-12
EDH 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
EDH 7982Research Proposal Development in Higher Education3
MHS 5005Introduction to Counseling3
MHS 6020Counseling in Community Settings3
MHS 6061Spiritual Issues in Multicultural Counseling3
MHS 6071Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders3
MHS 6200Assessment in Counseling3
MHS 6340Career Development3
MHS 6401Counseling Theories and Applications3
MHS 6421Play Counseling and Play Process with Children3
MHS 6428Multicultural Counseling3
MHS 6430Introduction to Family Counseling3
MHS 6440Marriage and Couples Counseling3
MHS 6450Substance Abuse Counseling3
MHS 6466Trauma and Crisis Intervention: Theory and Practice3
MHS 6471Sexuality and Mental Health3
MHS 6480Developmental Counseling Over the Life Span3
MHS 6495Counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients3
MHS 6500Group Counseling: Theories and Procedures3
MHS 6705Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Marriage and Family Counseling3
MHS 6720Professional Identity and Ethics in Counseling3
MHS 6735Applied Research in Counseling3
MHS 6831Supervision for a Split Internship3-6
MHS 6910Supervised Research1-5
MHS 6940Supervised Teaching0-5
MHS 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
MHS 7407Advanced Counseling Theories3
MHS 7431Advanced Family Counseling4
MHS 7600Consultation Procedures3
MHS 7610Counseling Supervision Theories and Practice3
MHS 7730Advanced Counseling Research3
MHS 7740Research in Counseling3
MHS 7803Advanced Counseling Practicum3
MHS 7804Group Supervision in Agency Counseling3
MHS 7805Practicum in Agency Counseling3
MHS 7806Practicum in Marriage and Family Counseling3
MHS 7807Group Supervision in Marriage and Family Counseling3
MHS 7809Counseling Supervision Practicum3
MHS 7830Internship in Counseling and Development-600 Hours6
MHS 7840Internship 1 in Counselor Education3
MHS 7941Internship 2 in Counselor Education3
MHS 7946Internship in Agency Program Management6
MHS 7979Advanced Research1-12
MHS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
PCO 6939Seminar: Current Topics in Counseling Psychology3
PCO 7217Professional Ethics and Skills in Counseling Psychology3
PCO 7949Internship in Counseling Psychology1
SDS 6401Counseling Skills for Non-Counselors3
SDS 6411Counseling with Children3
SDS 6436Family-School Intervention3
SDS 6620Organization and Administration of School Counseling Programs3
SDS 6831Supervision for a Split Internship3
SDS 6905Individual Work1-4
SDS 6936Seminar in Counselor Education3
SDS 6938Special Topics1-4
SDS 7800Practicum in School Counseling3
SDS 7820Group Supervision in School Counseling3
SDS 7830Internship in Counseling and Development-600 Hours6