Degrees Offered with a Major in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

  • Master of Science
    • without a concentration
    • concentration in Biobehavioral Science
    • concentration in Clinical Exercise Physiology
    • concentration in Exercise Physiology
    • concentration in Human Performance

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Departmental Courses

APK 5102Kinetic Anatomy3
APK 5127Assessment in Exercise Science3
APK 5133Human Pathophysiology for the Exercise Sciences3
APK 5150CClinical Anatomy for the Exercise Sciences3
APK 5166Sports Supplements3
APK 5177Strength and Conditioning for Beginning Practitioners3
APK 5404Sport Psychology3
APK 5702Applied Sport Science3
APK 6116CPhysiological Bases of Exercise and Sport Sciences3
APK 6118Neuromuscular Adaptation to Exercise3
APK 6145Movement Disorders3
APK 6167Nutrition Aspects of Human Performance3
APK 6170Advanced Exercise Physiology3
APK 6176Strength and Conditioning for Advanced Practitioners3
APK 6205CNature and Bases of Motor Performance3
APK 6206Planning Motor Actions3
APK 6225Biomechanical Instrumentation3
APK 6226CBiomechanics of Human Motion3
APK 6320CCorrective Exercise3
APK 6406Exercise Psychology3
APK 6408Performance Enhancement3
APK 6611Tactical Strength & Conditioning3
APK 6704MATLAB for Biomedical Sciences3
APK 6715Grant Writing in Health & Human Performance3
APK 6900Directed Independent Study1-5
APK 6940Advanced Practicum in Exercise and Sport Science1-5
APK 7107Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology3
APK 7108Environmental Stress Exercise Physiology3
APK 7117Exercise Metabolism3
ATR 6124Clinical Anatomy for the Exercise Sciences3
ATR 6215Evidence-Based Orthopedic Exam I: Upper-Extremity3
ATR 6216Evidence-Based Orthopedic Exam II: Lower-Extremity3
ATR 6304Rehabilitation and Modalities of Athletic Injuries3
ATR 6624Athletic Training Research and Technology I3
ATR 6625Athletic Training Research and Technology II3
ATR 6934Seminar in Athletic Training3
HLP 6515Evaluation Procedures in Health and Human Performance3
HLP 6535Research Methods in Health and Human Performance3
HLP 6911Research Seminar1
HLP 6935Variable International Topics1-6
HLP 7939HHP PhD Professional Development Seminar3
HLP 7979Advanced Research in Health and Human Performance1-12
HLP 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
PET 5936Special Topics/Seminars1-3
PET 6910Supervised Research1-5
PET 6947Graduate Internship in Exercise and Sport Sciences3-9
PET 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology (MS)  

SLO 1     Subject Matter
Discuss, explain, and defend subject matter relevant to the discipline – exercise physiology, biobehaviorial science, clinical exercise physiology, human performance, athletic training

SLO 2     Discipline specific skills 
Discuss, explain, and defend in the discipline specific skills - exercise physiology, biobehaviorial science, clinical exercise physiology, human performance, athletic training

SLO 3     Professional Behavior  
Display ethical behavior, cultural sensitivity, team work, professional conduct and professional communication