Degrees Offered with a Major in French and Francophone Studies

  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Arts in Teaching

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

French and Francophone Studies Courses

FRE 6060Beginning French for Graduate Students I3
FRE 6061Beginning French for Graduate Students II3
FRE 6466Advanced Translation and Stylistics3
FRE 6735Special Studies in French Linguistics3
FRE 6736The French language in the Americas3
FRE 6785French Phonetics and Phonology3
FRE 6827Sociolinguistics of French3
FRE 6845History of the French Language3
FRE 6855Structure of French3
FRE 6856French in the 21st Century3
FRE 6945Practicum in Advanced College Teaching2
FRE 6956Overseas Studies in French1-5
FRW 6217Seventeenth-Century French Prose3
FRW 6276Readings in Eighteenth-Century Literature3
FRW 6288Twentieth-Century French Novel3
FRW 6315Seventeenth-Century French Drama3
FRW 632820th & 21st Century French and Francophone Theater3
FRW 6346French Poetry of the Renaissance3
FRW 6355Modern French Poetry3
FRW 6396French Cinema3
FRW 6536The Romantic Period3
FRW 6556French Realism and Naturalism3
FRW 6715The Philosophic Movement3
FRW 6780Studies in Francophone Literature and Culture (Excluding the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa3
FRW 6805Introduction to Graduate Study and Research3
FRW 6825French Critical Theory3
FRW 6900Special Study in French Literature3
FRW 6905Individual Work1-3
FRW 6910Supervised Research1-5
FRW 6938Seminar in French Literature3
FRW 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
FRW 7979Advanced Research1-12
FRW 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15

French (MA)

SLO 1     Knowledge        
Identify, define and describe core areas of French and Francophone literary/cultural or linguistic studies, as agreed upon by the faculty of the department

SLO 2     Skills     
Literary/Cultural Studies: Analyze and interpret French and Francophone literary and cultural products

SLO 3     Skills     
French and Francophone Linguistics: Analyze and interpret French and Francophone language and language-related data

SLO 4     Professional Behavior   
Display knowledge of ethical human data collection, professional conduct and ethical academic writing skills (as established by Linguistic Society of America Ethics Statement and/or Modern Language Association)