Degrees Offered with a Major in Political Science - International Relations

  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Arts in Teaching

Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog.

Political Science Departmental Courses

CPO 5935Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics3
CPO 6077Social Movements in Comparative Perspective3
CPO 6091Introduction to Comparative Political Analysis3
CPO 6096Comparative Qualitative and Mixed Methods3
CPO 6107West European Politics3
CPO 6206Seminar in African Politics3
CPO 6307Latin American Politics I3
CPO 6407Modern Middle East Politics3
CPO 6719Comparative Gender Politics3
CPO 6728Ethnicity and Nationalism3
CPO 6732Democratization and Regime Transition3
CPO 6736Post-Communist politics3
CPO 6756Comparative Elections and Party Systems3
CPO 6757The European Union In Comparative Perspective3
CPO 7415Topics in Israeli Politics3
INR 6039International Political Economy3
INR 6208Advanced International Relations Theory3
INR 6305Politics of American Foreign Policy Making3
INR 6337Survey of International Security3
INR 6409The Politics of International Law3
INR 6507International Organization3
INR 6607International Relations Theory3
INR 6938Seminar in Culture and World Politics3
PAD 6108Public Administration Theory3
PAD 6227Public Budgeting and Finance3
PAD 6434Leadership and Ethics in Public Agencies3
PAD 6946Internship in Government3
POS 5935Advanced Topics in Political Science3
POS 6045Seminar in American Politics3
POS 6127State Government and Politics3
POS 6146Urban Politics3
POS 6157Community Analysis3
POS 6196Patrons, Clients, Corruption, and Accountability3
POS 6207Political Behavior3
POS 6259Political Participation3
POS 6274Political Campaigning3
POS 6278Advanced Campaign Strategy3
POS 6279The Politics of Direct Democracy3
POS 6292Religion and Politics3
POS 6336Case Study, Culture, and Politics3
POS 6427Legislative Process3
POS 6455Political Parties and Interest Groups3
POS 6476Bureaucratic Politics in the U.S.3
POS 6707Qualitative Research Methods for Political Science3
POS 6716Scope and Epistemologies of Political Science3
POS 6736The Conduct of Inquiry3
POS 6737Political Data Analysis3
POS 6747Topics in Political Research Methodology3
POS 6757Survey Research3
POS 6909Individual Work1-4
POS 6910Supervised Research1-5
POS 6933Special Topics1-3
POS 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
POS 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
POS 7979Advanced Research1-12
POS 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15
POT 6016Ancient Political Thought3
POT 6056Modern Political Thought3
POT 6067Contemporary Political Theory3
POT 6306Liberalism and Its Critics3
POT 6315Democratic Theory3
POT 6505Politics and Theory3
PUP 6006Policy Evaluation3
PUP 6007Policy Process3
PUP 6009Public Policy Analysis3
PUP 6315Race, Gender, and Politics3