Health outcomes and biomedical informatics courses

GMS 5905Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences1-4
GMS 6803Data Science for Clinical Research3
GMS 6804Translational Bioinformatics3
GMS 6805Information Modeling in Biomedicine3
GMS 6806Security and Privacy for Clinical Research3
GMS 6812Health Outcomes Research in Cancer3
GMS 6813Pragmatic Clinical Trials3
GMS 6822Measuring and Analyzing Health Outcomes II3
GMS 6829Longitudinal Research Design2
GMS 6833Health Outcomes Research in Vulnerable Populations3
GMS 6836Foundations of Learning Health Systems Research1
GMS 6846Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis in Clinical, Health Services Research and Public Health2
GMS 6848Ensuring Rigor and Reproducibility in Clinical and Translational Research1
GMS 6850Foundations of Biomedical Informatics3
GMS 6851Fundamentals of Dissemination and Implementation Research3
GMS 6852Community Engaged Research for Clinical Effectiveness and Implementation Science Studies2
GMS 6853Improvement and Implementation Science in the Learning Health System3
GMS 6856Introduction to Biomedical Natural Language Processing3
GMS 6857Clinical Decision Support Systems3
GMS 6885Translational Health Research Design3
GMS 6889Systematic Review Methods3
GMS 6893Clinical and Translational Science Seminar Series2
GMS 7858Causal Artificial Intelligence for Health Research3
GMS 7866Principles of Referent Tracking in Biomedical Informatics3
GMS 7886Health Outcomes and Policy PhD Seminar: Applied Research3
GMS 7887Health Outcomes & Policy PhD Research Seminar1
GMS 7906Grant Writing for Health Outcomes Studies2
STA 5503Categorical Data Methods3
STA 5701Applied Multivariate Methods3
STA 6166Statistical Methods in Research I3
STA 7179Survival Analysis3
STA 7249Generalized Linear Models3
STA 7346Statistical Inference3
STA 7347Advanced Inference3


  • Bian, Jiang
  • Bylund-Lincoln, Carma
  • Gurka, Matthew James
  • Hogan, William
  • Manini, Todd M.
  • Muller, Keith E.
  • Shenkman, Elizabeth Ann

Associate Professor

  • Gregory, Megan E.
  • Guo, Yi
  • Liu, Mei
  • Salloum, Ramzi George
  • Staras, Stephanie Ann
  • Vogel, Walter B.
  • Wu, Yonghui

Assistant Professor

  • Al Mardini, Mamoun Tawfiq Hashim
  • Kaufmann, Christopher Norfleet
  • Lemas, Dominick
  • Ray, Jessica M.
  • Theis, Ryan P.
  • Xu, Jie
  • Yin, Rui

Clinical Associate Professor

  • Varnes, Julia Rae

Research Assistant Professor

  • LeLaurin, Jennifer Hart

Affiliated Faculty

  • Al-Ani, Mohammad Ahmad Zaki
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Duncan, William Dupree
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • George, Thomas J.
  • Khalil, Georges Elias
    Assistant Professor
  • Maldonado Molina, Mildred Merisa
  • Sarder, Pinaki
    Associate Professor
  • Tomar, Scott